Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What can I say.....Deer!

I was actually trying to get a shot of this rainbow
the other evening....the rain had almost stopped
and the sun came out and I was riding around
looking for a photo - op!!

Well.... I stopped the car and was out in the road doing my best

to get the rainbow in my lens, but I was too close and couldn't do it.
As I turned and looked in the other direction was I ever surprised!! A whole family of deer were watching me.

A doe and a big buck, which I think is just gorgeous
was just checking to see what I was doing.

As I quickly forgot all about the rainbow and started
to take their picture, the buck loses interest

He would watch me for a few minutes

Then go back to his grazing

It looked like a whole family was there....

What a nice rack

This is my favorite picture of the buck

I couldn't help myself I took ALOT of pictures

In fact.....I had to remove a bunch to keep this post to
a minimum

If you call this many pictures minimal haha

I drove on up the road and came back down....thinking they
had left.. when there he is again...

I love this time of year when you can see the deer
families grazing and unafraid of the camera
On the way home another buck ran along side of the car and
then crossed over quickly and disappeared.

I'll be away until no more deer for now.
You are probably getting sick of them anyway.


Marsha said...

I could never get sick of your deer shots, they are amazing!

Bird Girl said...

You sure got a truck load of deer there, girl! Love that buck - he has just the nicest rack! Have fun on your trip!

Shellmo said...

More deer!! I love seeing the family together - these are great!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Can one ever have too many deer pictures?You certainly were at the right place at the right time.

The Birdlady said...

You got some great ones!

Anonymous said...

These are really nice photographs. I wish we had deer in our area or my backyard but it is much too small for something like that.

Lindy said...

I loved viewing all of your deer pics. It reminded me of the times when I lived in PA and deer would wander into my backyard. I would sit and watch them from the window of my laundry room. Wish I could go back and re-live that. :)

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