Saturday, February 20, 2010


This has been a winter with lots of snow in PA
and with snow and cold comes those
beautiful glistening, glowing, Icicles............

Dazzling diamonds beneath the eaves

Patriotic to show we're Free

Hanging down like glowing spikes...
formed by natures magic freeze

Clear glass spears of glowing teeth
across the roof drip down beneath

At the church I looked about
and saw a holy water frozen spout
And at the next house I stopped to scout
I spy a clot of ice flowing over and out

Remember when we were kids and we
broke off a an icy sword and dueled until it broke?

The smaller ones we would suck and lick
but not too long lest our tongues would stick

Icicles wink from not only spouts and eaves

but form a pretty jagged deco in tiny trees

And even the wires and lines are not exempt
as a dead ringer freezes into a knotted kink

Over the top and down the rail
frozen .. shining.. telling a tale
Sharp or dull they linger on
just waiting for the sun to rise and the day to clear

And silently they will melt away and finally disappear

But for now whether day or night
The dazzling dripping icicle

Will drip and drop and sparkle to our utmost delight

Hold up that little foot.. Mockingbird of mine
Soon the warmth of the sun will take these jewels
and they'll be gone and Winter will be behind...
Spring to come.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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