Monday, October 6, 2008

a Few highlights of my trip

This was not a 'birding' trip but I have to get a picture
or two if I have that opportunity. The Gulls
were willing subjects. We were on Ellis Island
when these were taken.
It seemed like they were lined up like it was their
runway, and when one would fly another
would step up on the ball.

Ready for take-off....

The Statue of Liberty seen in the background of
this picture of a gull on the ball. (click to enlarge)

At a place called Roosevelt Park near Edison NJ I saw a couple
interesting birds. The Egret below fishing along the shore

And this Double crested Cormorant which had to be juvenile...
It would not fly away even though we were within feet of it.

It has a hooked beak and a very pretty teal-green colored eye.

It finally did hop into the water when my daughter walked
right within a foot of it.

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