Tuesday, July 7, 2009

American Kestrel: Best of Show

Another "Kestrel" watch is almost over for this year.
I am seeing only one lone male perched on top of the
antenna these days. The rest have disappeared...to where?
I may never know.

These have been my observations:
I first saw the Kestrel pair in the tree the beginning
of April... About 20 days earlier than last year.

The behavior though similar had it's differences: As in the picture
below.. the fledglings were observed resting on the limbs of the tree.
Last year's babies were not observed doing that.

Let's play peek a boo.

Mom from one of her favorite perches which leads
me to believe this is the same pair from last year.

A baby boy preening

Four fledglings in the same picture. A rare catch for me.
Click for a better view.
(2 males 2 females)

entertaining antics
Out of the nest two weeks early

a ball of feathers

Dad keeping a vigil

You can ID the boys by the blue gray on the wings

and the dark dots on the chest

The female has brown streaking on her chest

Mom enjoying a 'birdie' treat

Calling all Kestrels!

one of my favorite pictures ... the colors so
rich on his wing and back feathers.. trying his best
to stay up right while turning

This little cutie seemed to be curious as he watched

but lost interest soon

nightie night...

I noticed here and in NYC how these Kestrels pick
buildings that they can blend with. The colors being
similar or the same as their feathers
To see Kestrel & building photos taken
by Deborah Allen in NYC go here

I will miss this little girl yapping to be fed

And the curious looks from the sunlit tree

little boys

little girls.........

little pin feather heads.....

brother and sister meeting on the ledge...

saying to me... why are you always looking at us?

perhaps discussing where they will 'fly' when they
leave this place and find a home of their own!
Another 'Kestrel' watch comes to an end. I sincerely
hope you have enjoyed the peek inside the activities
of the smallest falcon in N. America.
The American Kestrel
(Falco sparverius)

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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