Thursday, March 13, 2008

Several days worth of bird pictures

I stopped at Legion Park often to see what ducks or geese
may be there after the rain turns it into a pond.
Imagine how surprised I was to see a bluebird in
my viewfinder. I was excited!! I never see them at
my house!

It was a gray rainy day but I was thrilled to see this pretty
little Blue.

the mallards were swimming around.

A few robins were listening and looking for worms.

Of course the Canadian geese were there too.
but I was surprised to see this gull.... Somehow he seemed
out of place in the cold PA weather.

Meanwhile back at my house, the Sharp Shinned Hawk comes
hunting for song birds.

He sure is a beauty. I love to see him.

I also have a fox sparrow who appears fat and happy.

The Carolina wren loves the suet.

Imagine how surprised I was when he turns and there is no tail

Here's a real butt shot and yep! no tail!

The Rest of the Inner Harbor Story

Two of us "cowgirls" sat on the bench while the third
fed the birds the scraps left over from our lunch.

I especially liked the way this photo turned out with
the gull flying in from above and Inner Harbor in the

It sure didn't take long for the birds to gather for the scraps.

There were gulls, pigeons, and terns

This fella wanted a close up and personal look.
This little bird was close enough to touch and
notice the sedum already sprouting up behind it.

They've already planted their pansies.

Inner Harbor has lots of pretty buildings and scenery.

It was a great day for pictures.

The innocence of children ...captured in the next pictures

I got permission to take these three adorable children
playing 'ring around the Rosie' They had just come
from church.

Looks like they are chasing their shadows.

As we were traveling home the sun was setting on our
fun adventure.

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