Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Eastern Towhee

Eastern Towhees are birds of undergrowth and often the only
picture you get is through the leaves and sticks. Be on the look
out for this rusty color sparrow size bird accented with black.

They can be found on forest edges or
in scrubby backyards or thickets. Since I cut trees
and have piles of brush I am seeing more of these kinds
of birds.

Their large white tail feathers can be observed when they
scratch in the leaves or skim over the grass for food

They will drink from water bowls or bird baths

I was thrilled to see the female E. Towhee one day in the

and then both of them together on the ground foraging for food
Towhees eat many foods: seeds, fruits, insects, spiders,
millipedes, centipedes, and snails, as well as soft
leaf and flower buds in spring and also wheat
corn and oats.

I found that putting corn on the stumps brought them
out of the underbrush into the yard where I could
get a closer look

I noticed when the female showed up the male was constantly
chasing her around and then I read this is part of the courtship.
Then.. one after noon I got to see a little 'splendor in the grass' from
the rufous sided couple. click for a closer look.

Their call is a shrill 'drink your tea' or a short 'drink' drink' drink'

Thrilled I am to have Mr. & Mrs. Eastern Towhee in my
backyard. Wonder if they have a nest?

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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