Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trip to New York State

Another jane & Barbie adventure.
Our destination was Central New York State,
Ithaca to be exact and Cornell University's
Sapsucker woods. Along the way New York
is dotted with farm lands. I am riding 'shotgun'
and snapping pictures as we go.

Some of the farmland is well kept and actively being used
While some of the barns need repair

Those round hay bales are prevalent everywhere
Some of the buildings have served their purpose and
are now falling down

Others though still standing the growth of greenry
has taken over

This barn touts being here since '1883'
A cute little out building to go with it.. Looks like
a old Spring House to me.

If one is quick enough they can get a picture
of a horse and buggy probably Amish. Look
closely and see the little boy's face and straw
hat peeking out around the buggy. (click to enlarge)

A short distance down the road and we see two Amish
women and some children transporting milk cans

When we got to this place we actually pulled over
and took some pictures. The Rhode Island Reds were
in front of the Black Eyed Susans and made a perfect
backdrop for the picture.

There were several different kinds of chickens. The gray and white
one is likely a Plymouth Rock, often called Rocks or Barred Rocks.

And this spunky little rooster could be a Langshan, but don't
quote me. all I could think when I saw him prancing around
was 'foghorn leghorn' The original cartoon was released in
1948 but could be seen through out the 50's and 60's.
Some of you may remember the very famous Rooster.

The building served as a perfect backdrop for the
the black eyed susans and the chickens as they scratched
the ground for feed.

To God Be The Glory ~ Great Things He Hath done.

Hummer in the Hollyhocks

I try at home to get these kind of Hummingbird shots and never seem to achieve it.
I was away on a trip and standing on someone else's porch & snapped a
few shots and I loved the way they turned out!!
( Click to see full picture)

Sharing Hummingbird Shots.
To God be the Glory ~ Great Things He Hath done.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Climb High...Climb Far....

But make sure you can get back down...

As I rounded the bend on the way to my dad's I
saw this calf up on a pile of dirt.

He was looking off to the pasture and 'mooing'

The other cows were coming in to eat
The farmer had just put some fresh cornstalks out and they
were anxious to get some.

As they munched away the calf remained up on the dirt pile
They watched me as to say "what? we're just eating here!"

This cow looked like the calf's mom with the same markings
but she paid no attention to her baby over there crying.

The calf on the other hand kept looking over at me as to say
"Can't you help me?" I had to just leave her there.

On up the road I saw this yellow cat along side the road
planted in the grass and Queen Anne's Lace.

Another bird who loves to 'climb high' is the Mockingbird
on the tippy top of the pine branch

I saw sure signs of fall with the turning of these leaves

Can you find the hummingbird is this photo? I'll give you two
hints...his tail is one side of a leaf and head and bill
on the other.I was actually trying to get the vireo
to the left which blurred out on me
and happened to see the hummer hiding there.

My first sighting of a migrating hawk. He was flying high
and hard to get a close up, but I was happy with this picture.

I'm always happy to see multiple things when I travel
the back roads to my dads.

To God be The Glory ~ Great Things He Hath Done

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