Thursday, August 27, 2009

August for Dummies!!

When I planned my little getaway... I didn't plan for a Hurricane
named Bill to stir up the waters and for lifeguards to be screaming
out of the water, off the beaches, and keep your distance. But it
happened. One of the first birds I saw seemed to be laughing and
telling me to stay away.

I won't attempt to name these birds,
as I know very little about shore birds.

I wanted you to know I did see a few in spite of the
warnings to stay off the beach.. out of the rip currents ..
and away from high waves coming

ha ha ha ha .... he continues to mock me as I search for
birds to shoot

This is as good as it got..amidst the 90 degree weather
and 90+ humidity... I was melting

Aha! I recognize the shape of this bird... A double
crested Cormorant. Good for me I'm not a total
imbecile after all.

We went to the Great Swamp the second day. I was thinking
I would see more birds here .... NOT!

Why wasn't there a bird of prey on this perfectly
shaped snag?

An Eastern Kingbird graced my presence for a moment

The sun was bright and brutal...

A bird in the flycatcher family....but which one I say?

Looking to the forest floor I see a spattering of
orange.... flowers I ask?

Upon closer inspection I see instead tiny orange mushrooms.
Now! Wasn't that as good as a bird?

And just look at that! A sombrero shaped mushroom.
Now that's cool. It holds some collected water

I had never seen a red I had to try to capture
it....but my camera just would not focus..

It did a little better on the blue one.

The swamp was so green with algae that it looked
as if you could walk right out onto it

The Swamp Rose Mallow lined the banks of the water
and tickled your eye with white and pink bursts of color

It gave the illusion of coolness and made you forget the
heat for just a moment.

I so had hoped this would be a learning experience about
shore birds, but NOT!!! I made the best of it anyway.

To God be he Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done
Next post: a History Lesson from SandyHook

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