Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some Four Legged Friends.....

This time of year the deer aren't threatened
by hunters and come out in the fields where you
can see them. I happened on to these youngsters
playing around ...

Caught the jump, the slap..

and the springing into the air...

It was all in good fun.

I've been dying to see a new fawn...and I did
well. ... sort of. Far away and in low light...

Look close.. the baby is there beside mom

One of my old friends... The Piebald deer

This deer appears to have been hurt or has some kind
of boil on it's shoulder.

Her sister was trying to hide from me.
Kestrels will be back .. They're all out of the nest
now and flying everywhere.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feeding Hungry Kestrels in the Nest......

What does this pose of a baby Kestrel signify?
Well the story goes like this:

Hi! I'm one of the girl Kestrels in the nest and we
get hungry quite often and this is the story of
what we do to get fed.

One way would be open our mouth and make a lot of noise
"dad! dad! mom! get some food over here!"

Soon I can hear dad or mom coming and I look up to see who

This time it's dad and he has a juicy mouse for me

He drops it in the hole for me to get..

This pose is usually when I can see food coming and
get very excited and anxious.
Hannibal ,you were right!

Again! It's dad that shows up' He comes in fast and furious

Right on his heels is mom bringing a baby bird

Hokey Geez between the two of them they knock me for a loop

I didn't think they would both show up.. can you help
me out here?

My legs are straight and my feet are down

Oh My Gosh! What a couple of dingy parents, a kid could
get killed by a speeding delivery

Just wait! When I grow up I'm gonna knock them right
off their perch

I'll just take off like a jet plane... you just wait.

In the meantime I'm hungry again... so I have to start

That was quick.... Hi Mom. What do you have this time?

Oh Goody! Another birdie nugget.. mmmmmm

What do you mean it's for my sister? She's napping

Give it to me I'll pass it on to her when she wakes up

Come on Mom I told you I would share..

Hey! Bring that back here.. See! She's up now.

Don't worry Sis, I'll keep calling her

Mom! Get back here!
Sis and I are waiting................

Up on the telephone pole, mom grabs some food for herself.

Feeding hungry babies makes her hungry

Look at the size of that wing... That's some large prey

Next post all four babies are out of the nest and in
the tree.. One male and one female discuss
flying free and what happens next.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

Monday, June 15, 2009

Kestrel Humor....

When you have 1000 Kestrel pictures that all
seem to look alike you have to get!
Let's have some Kestrel Humor....

Hi! I'm the first female Kestrel out on the ledge.
See what big eyes I have? I can see everything from
up here. What? you say I look cross-eyed. That wasn't

Can you lick your feet? I can... click to see a close up

I like to pick my toes with my beak too.

My backside is just as pretty as my front...

don't ya think?
Let's get serious for just a moment

Listen up!

Shhhh I have a secret to tell you

Look over here to my left.... see that little head?

I'm excited and happy to tell you that's my
little sister...

Let's see if we can get her to come out here on the
ledge with me.

Look Sis I can flap and jump... it's safe out here. You say you
don't like the sun.. well soon it will be gone and then you
have to come out.

Careful... watch your step

Dah! not that way. Turn around. That lady down there
won't hurt us.. She likes to point that thing up here
for some reason.

There you go... hold on tight and dig those little
feet in. I'll just sit quiet until you get your center
of gravity ....

Take it easy....sis, calm down.

Don't ya think we look like twins?

What! no! you can't jump...

Look at me! I'm telling you one last time. ..don't jump!

I can't watch this I'm going back in the nest

Hey! this is really cool... I can stretch my wings

Clean up a little for mom when she brings us lunch

Just because I turned around doesn't mean I
can't see you

This is way too much fun!

What's up there in the sky? Is that you dad?

What do you think this pose means?
You will find out in the very next Kestrel post.
Coming to my Blog very soon.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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