Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To God be the Glory  ~~  Great Things He Hath Done

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring is Back and so Am I.......

 Just like clockwork...  the Grosbeaks return to my yard.. I spot the Female on the lattice

 no mistaking that bright red breast streak that ID's the beautiful male RB Grosbeak
   The Indigo Bunting makes his appearance in the bushes

      and breaks bread with the Grosbeak

     I love to see how the Grosbeaks are competitive at the feeders

Actually my platform feeder broke over the winter so I just poured the seeds into a basket planter still hanging on the deck.

They seemed happy with that dinner arrangement.
  But they constantly chase each other off

 Displaying that beautiful patch of color underneath of the wings... yellow for female

   Red for the male


The brown Thrasher is also back

    Surprise that it was....  My husband spotted this gray Fox in the 
driveway and called me.  

   Spring or not, this is not something I see in my yard so I was thrilled
    He looked like a healthy specimen...   and I felt blessed to capture him with my camera
He went up over the dirt pile
picking up his pace as he went and then disappeared in the field beside my yard

To God be the Glory  ~~ Great Things He Hath done

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