Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let's Talk Birds......

There were 6 different trips during the week of birding
but my favorite spot was right at home in
Cabin #3! The birds I saw there were just as
exciting as the ones I saw with guided group tours.

I would certainly recommend Opossum Creek and the Cabins
to anyone who loves the woods and birding.

One of the birds I saw there was the Scarlet Tanager.
You couldn't miss that splash of brilliant red at the top of a tree.

The opportunity to get the Pileated WP in my view finder
more than once was thrilling.

A cute little flycatcher...the Eastern Phoebe

Cedar Waxwing

Carolina Wren

Cranberry Glades was a special place with a look
about it different from anywhere we had been.

Nature is the Art of God - Thomas Browne
I can look at this picture and see His Majesty and feel
the power of His Universe

An Oven bird sings out
The Northern Water Thrush does so too

The Canada Warbler a lifer for me, eats on the Laurel

Hermit Thrush with the big eye

Another lifer, The Red-bellied Nuthatch.

Lunch time and a time to rest under a large pine...

Babcock State Park and our big blue bus...
What are these birders looking at?

A Northern Parula perched perfectly among the flowers
of a dogwood

One of the few times we get the perfect background
and the perfect bird in the same place at the same time

Common Yellow Throat

Chipping Sparrow
The most photographed Grist Mill... at Babcock State Park. Click for a full view!
Chestnut -sided Warbler

Where Jeff Gordon is using his ipod

The view is gorgeous...

Oh look! There is a Baltimore Oriole
Did you know? This bird received its name from the fact
that the male's colors resemble those on the coat of arms of Lord Baltimore
It is also the state bird of Maryland.

A Cape May Warbler was in a Hemlock

At Gauley Bridge there were several different species of Swallows.
Tree Swallow

Rough-winged Swallow and Cliff Swallow

A Song Sparrow poses for me

Our Big Blue Carriage awaits!! all aboard

Muddlety...led by Bill Thompson III....
The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful E.E. Cummings

The Black and White was almost everywhere we went

Blue Winged Warbler a lifer

Yellow Warbler

The Bobolink Field as it was referred to... was different
and interesting. We could hear the bobolinks singing
their robot like song....r2d2 and see them flying about
but it sure was hard to get a picture.
The Bobolink spends his time in open fields

As does the Eastern Meadowlark

A Couple Red-winged Blackbirds showing off for us

Some aerial displays along the way and.....

It had been a full week and we were all tired..... I must
sleep now.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Word from A Bird.....

Enjoy your day!

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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