Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Natural Sites in the country

I made my way towards Williamsburg, PA in search of some country pictures. At Gannister I turned and went out along the river. First stop was at the Blue Hole. I was surprised to find it listed on the following website with other 'natural sites' of Williamsburg.

Williamsburg has many abandoned quarries that have filled with water and have since become popular swimming holes. This is the "Gannister Blue Hole."

When my sons were in high school this was where they went on Senior Skip day and were all busted by none other than the famous "Mr. Dunkle"
My husband's family is from Williamsburg and I remember him taking me here when we were dating. I am not a swimmer and was very scared and did not go in.
Piney Creek Road is very narrow and curves around but beautiful to drive.

PineyCreek seen here flowing along empties into the Juniata River at Gannister.

Farm scenes are some of my favorite pictures.

Just as a flock of geese were overhead I took the plunge and tried for the picture. My H2 didn't let me down. I always try for these shots and they blurrr.. I was pleased with this one.

I headed on over to the Royer Cemetery where all the Lynns are laid to rest and I will also be someday. What a beautiful view!

This was how I spent part of my Labor Day week end.

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