Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Very Old Cemetery

In the year of 1670, approximately 70 Dutch and English Settlers mostly from New England, received title to their lands located 10 miles Southwest of Newark and 6 miles North of New Brunswick. At that time, this territory was dominated by an Indian Chief known as Matouchin, the term meaning Rolling Land, the natural scenery here being the most attractive of any between New York and Philadelphia.
Metuchen is near Edison NJ where 'Maidenform' my husband's work is.

We visited this very old cemetery while there for the bullriding.

If you double click you will be able to read the plaque.

Those who are buried here are from the Revolutionary
War period.
The Cemetery sits right in town with houses
and streets surrounding it.

I was intrigued by the old but perfectly inscribed stones.

Can you imagine how hard it would have been to
cut and inscribe this stone in 1760?
I could not believe how well preserved the stones
seemed to be.

A Few of the stones were literally 'stones' inscribed
like the one here.

Cats Cats Cats

This post is for you, Roxi.
After our cat - a - strophic adventure
today with the 'wild' black cats I thought
you might enjoy the ones I saw on my trip to NY/NJ.

The first bunch were in a wooded area where we walked to
get to the pond where the Canadian geese and ducks were.
(The Post: Walk in the Park)

Then later we went down to the bay and another bunch
were running around. Someone had constructed a wooded
shelter and put food and water there for them.
But there was no getting near them.

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