Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gobble Gobble.......

The other morning I was up early and left the dog out and heard a definite 'gobble gobble' that sounded just like turkeys. I have had a small flock of turkeys come into the field above me so I grabbed my camera and headed out past the Playhouse towards the field. Just as I passed the playhouse porch something flew from a tree. I didn't recognize it as it took flight, but I knew it was bigger and different that a normal bird in MY yard!!

There are trees behind the playhouse. And apparently this
was a safe haven for a 'roost' for a few young turkeys.
(The Playhouse)

Then 3 more flew in different directions... not enough time for
a picture. But then I look up and there sits one lone bird.
I got about 10 pictures before it too flew.

I thought it was a young turkey, and was confirmed by my friend's
husband who is a hunter. How neat on an early morning!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The 'Blues' Family

At the park I saw this wire contraption...I have no idea
what it's purpose is, but I noticed a bird sitting on it and zoomed
in to see what it was..

That got my attention as I love bluebirds.
Awww so cute sitting way up on top.

Now we have two babies joining in too.

They liked to hop all over it and would pop their little heads
through the wire to look around.

I noticed it had it's own little bathing pool. Babies were
taking a dip

Dad comes along to tell them 'out of the pool'

I left them there playing around.

On the way out of the park I saw a bluebird land on a box.

Mom was anxious to feed her little ones this nice juicy caterpillar

Dad got in on the act too, with a cicada.. notice baby in box with
it's mouth wide open (click for detail)

A better look at that big fat cicada

a little housekeeping and away he went.

Another sighting was a Male Widow Skimmer. I had to
look this up as I don't know my dragon flies. This is the best
picture I have taken to date of a dragonfly.

and lastly the yellow Tiger Swallowtail on a Joe Pye Weed.

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