Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love from my Backyard Friends......

Valentine's Day

I found this cute little Love Sign and.....
The rest is history.
From my Backyard friends to you

Calling all Cardinals

How many Love Doves do we have?

All I need is Love


Let's share some Love

Singin' about Love

Pretty in Love

Ahhh Grapes, I'm in love
Peek a boo behind Love

Even the deer came down to share in the Love
Lighted by the red hearts at the playhouse.

I'm spreading the Love.....
Happy Valentine's Day

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Old Fashioned Snow...

That was what I thought when we got hit with another 10 inches
yesterday. When I awoke the sun was peeking through
the snow covered branches outside my bedroom window.

As I set out to shovel myself to the car... I kept thinking
about those long past winters when I was a child...Mom
would dress me in my 'snowsuit' (remember those?)
zip me up and just be putting my mittens on when I would
decide I had to 'pee'.

She would get so mad because
she had to take it off and start over. Saying a few words
I can't repeat here!! That was mom!

Dad on the other hand who drove truck and had a second job
wasn't around much, but he never yelled at me and was as
patient as Job when he had to do the job of dressing me.
I thank God I got that attribute from him.. Thanks Dad!

When I looked up and saw the snow piled up on the
roof and the icicles hanging down it reminded
me of how everything as a child seemed bigger
the snow deeper, being short (still am) the snow always
seemed over my head.

No wonder I was thinking about all this..the
snow is piled over my head in the driveway..

I wasn't a bird watcher back when...
but I am so glad I
found that hobby to show me God's magnificent beauty
and grace.

I love that flash of red from a male cardinal

And watching as each bird waits in the bushes for
their turns at the feeders

If you click to see up close, you will see chickadees
juncos and sparrows..
As the day wore on the wind kicked up and the snow
began to drift .. but the birds remained vigilant
to get the food I provided

This guy was so puffed up to keep warm he looked silly

My property is surrounded by trees and small bushes
and my husband always wants to cut them.....

But I always dig my feet in and say no because it is
where my birds can hide out and play

I don't care that it looks unkept sometimes and 'grown up'

You gotta do what you gotta do to keep the birds happy

Having little 'set ups' never hurts to see your friends
up close either

This sparrow made me laugh he was so curious
about the clicking of the camera

Yesterday a lot of our schools were closed and we were
told to stay off the roads unless there was an
emergency. I had to go to the drugstore late
afternoon for meds for hubby.. He is recovering
from his knee surgery and what a sight.

Pennsylvania driving takes a little skill... Don't go
if you've never driven on snow covered roads

Nothing as beautiful as snow covered country scenes

My best friend 'barbie' has escaped all this
wonderful snow... She is in Hilton Head SC..
check out her Birdtales Blog
See what you are missing Barbie ???
Or...when I look at your blog do I see what

Check back for a 'Love' post from my birds...
On Valentines Day!!

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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