Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Backyard Birding

Sometimes when you are least expecting it....
You see something different in the back yard.
I was returning from a quick trip to the bank
pulling into the driveway I saw this
bird fly into a tree. It sure looked like a hawk,
but was so small.

I'm sure he was searching for breakfast, and kept
flying from one place to another. The sharpie feeds
mostly on birds and I had filled the feeders for
the many song birds I get. I'm sure my place looked
like a 'birdie' McDonald's.

As you can see when he landed on the roof of my shed....
He is about the size of blue jay. (excuse the blur)
In this shot you can see his beautiful slate gray back
and the dark and light gray on his tail.

As quickly as he came , he was gone. But I was happy
to get such a shot in my own backyard!

Monday, January 28, 2008

A Birding we shall go........

Two Friends a go a birding...
Before we even get
out of my driveway my friend spots a hawk at the
very top of the hill above my house. I managed two shots.
one resting....

One flying looking like a phantom

Bedford County lends itself to scenic country farms , covered
bridges and rolling farmland. I can't help but capture it
with the camera. A Farm along old Route 220 looks
picture perfect with it's own covered bridge.
As we near Bedford the old C.R. Pencil barn
dating back to July 1920 greets us.

Shawnee State Park has some gorgeous landscape
and a bench to rest on.

I am capturing a flock of Canadian Geese looking
for some open water. They did not land... it was all frozen.

My friend pointed out this tree. Doesn't it look
like the face of a girl?

After tiring of Shawnee I called my Niece's husband, Jeff
to assist us in some birding hot spots.
This barn was in Snake Spring twp.

I couldn't resist this horse and buggy. Jeff says they
come out on Sunday afternoons.

Here you see it all.... horse, buggy, dog, cow, barn... a way
of life few of us really know or appreciate.

Well finally............we do see a male kestrel on a wire with a
mouse in his talons.

I was excited because this is not a bird I see often.

Yellow creek is a beautiful setting for some ducks and we
did see a kingfisher but he was too faraway for a picture.

This is just a domestic duck..... but I was fascinated with
the black and white pattern on his feathers.

The catch of the day must have been this female red tail hawk.

go here for a look at the map of Snake Spring Twp. Bedford County

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