Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wind Turbines and Pennsylvania Beauty

When I started out today I was just taking my dad some
homemade lasagna.. but it was early and I was in
the mood to take some pictures so I kept on driving.
He is half way up the mountain from a local Ski
resort and I would never have attempted to go there
in the winter with my old car.... but I got a new SUV with
4wheel drive so up up and away I went.

Along the way I took pictures ... This is an old familiar
farm where I look for deer in the spring and fall. None today.
But I enjoy the beauty of the snow covered hills.

The Wind Turbines have always fascinated me and
I wanted a close-up look. Controversial as they are
here in PA, we DO need energy alternatives.
Central Pennsylvania, with its many blustery
ridgetops, is seen as a prime location. Some of
the debate centers around these issues: 1) ridgetops
are home to unbroken forests and wildlife, 2)areas are
important bird and mammal areas,3) ridgetops are
the last forest habitat in central Pennsylvania
and 4)they bring damage to the aesthetics of the region.

The road is narrow and hilly but I fearlessly drive..

An abandoned house with most of the windows missing
makes an interesting shot out the passenger window

Closer the road is a enclosure with a picnic table inside..
I bet some family fun was shared here once upon a time.

The road is snow covered and gets steeper..
but I press on...the radio is playing an old song and
I am singing along... Marvin Gaye sings:

"Ain't no Mountain High Enough"

As I near the top the snow is much deeper....

The road is completely covered and the wind is blowing

I start down the other side and it's drifting and blowing
snow across the road... Hmmmmm was this a mistake?
Then in the distance I see the turbines and what a sight
I loved seeing it.

Up here it's colder and all the snow is sticking to
the tree trunks and limbs

It's like a winter wonderland
When I came upon the first huge majestic turbine
I was awed. They are some kind of BIG!!

The wind is turning them slowly and I can hear a
slight noise.

I am just amazed by these steel and metal structures

As I was reading about these particular turbines...I found
that there is a law suit pending by a local couple who
own a 100 acre farm within 1 mile of the wind farm.

Odd as it may sound, they did not sue for any of the reasons
I listed above, but because of the 'noise'..They describe
the sound from the equipment as a "whooshing" and "screeching.'

They say they have a significantly negative impact on their sleep, health,
quality of life and enjoyment of their property purchased in 1992.
While holding a bottle of water inside the home, the turbines'
vibrations can be felt through the hand. I will be interested
in the outcome of the suit.

Now I'm singing along with The Righteous Brothers;
"You've Lost that loving Feeling"
Enjoying more of that beautiful Pennsylvania landscape

As I round the bend, the snow is piled so high I can see
just the tops of two silos...

And a short distance later comes the barn and house.

These two would not lift their heads for me....I gave them
my best whinny and snort, but nothing...

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The absence of fear.......

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the
judgment that something else is more important than fear.
Ambrose Redmoon

After leaving the Snowy Owl and heading home on Sunday,
Barb and I came upon a long line of cars we at first
thought was an accident. It was blowing snow and
visibility was poor. We slowed down and waited until we
could see what was up ahead. We were surprised to see
an Amish buggy with two horses trotting along as if the
cars and trucks didn't exist.

How dangerous this looked to us.
Their 'Sunday Meetings'
are apparently more important than a fear of traffic and
weather conditions.

We passed with care and went to the top of the hill and pulled
over.... put the windows down and waited for the photo-shoot.

It seemed a long time before we could see the horses coming
and posed ready with cameras in hand.
The 'Amish' which is a faith group of it's own
has attempted to preserve the rural culture
of the 17th Century. They try to avoid many features of modern
society and isolate themselves from American culture. And...
many of them do not drive cars depending on their sect.

Their horses are always impeccably groomed,
disciplined, and fearless. It's always a thrill to see
and observe them.

The last shot was my favorite. I can see the puff
of 'breath' from the horses open mouth as he passes.

A vision of Rural America

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

Sunday, January 25, 2009

And the Greatest of Friends.........

would be the friend who comes and picks you up on a day that's 13 degrees with a wind chill of 0 -- to drive to a field in the middle of nowhere to see
a Snowy Owl.... again! My second attempt.

I value the friend who for me finds time on (her) calendar,but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult (her) calendar.
Robert Brault

Another jane & barbie adventure.

We spent the week -end birding and it will take more than one post to show all that we saw. Today was the Snowy Owl. A few weeks ago
we went and it was so far away that you could not tell it was an owl. Today was
much closer and gave way to better pictures. It was out in
a field by an old fallen fence row. Sitting...sitting
and just sitting.

And here we sit...too, windows down, heater blasting
cold, cold air pouring in snapping pictures and
having the time of our lives.
Aww look, he's smiling

Today we were close enough to see the turn of the head

And the turn of the body
After awhile..he started to preen

Here you can see the dark feathers on top of his head
Then we thought ohhhhh he's gonna fly, but .....
he was just stretching his wings

It spends much of its time perched still and silent on
prominent lookouts, waiting to make forays for prey. Solitary.
Winters in open fields. we leave the Snowy Owl to his Solitary hunting.

To God Be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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