Friday, June 24, 2011

Another stop at Wildwood Park

 Because my daughter lives in Harrisburg PA and
I have been visiting more than usual this summer
I make it a point to go to Wildwood, my favorite park

 the White Egrets are always there

 And the Great blue Herons are always somewhere to be found
fishing and hanging out by the water

 It's fun to watch all his movements and see him up close
 It had just rained that day and the lily pads were full of droplets

Then!!  As almost always I spied a bird flying low along the water and so I followed closely and sneaked in to have a look

I was happy to see this black-crowned Night Heron
 Judging by his colors I would say he is an adult
 Juveniles have grey then yellow eyes and only adults have red, so our guy is probably about 3 years old
 Night Heron's have long head plumes ...and in breeding season they become even longer
They feast on not only fish but invertebrates, lizards, snakes, and
small rodents.  

That was my thrill for the day!

To God be the Glory  ~~ Great Things He Hath Done 

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