Saturday, August 4, 2007

The moon and sun

On Aug. 1 I was at a picnic up in the woods and saw the same moon bird girl saw... She took some amazing shots with her H-9. I used my H-2 and used a windowsill in the cabin for my tripod. They aren't crystal clear, but I got some clouds swirling around too. These cameras are amazing. Next time I will try sports mode.

Next morning I got the sun blazing through the trees in my yard.

There is a sun There is a moon
One comes up when one goes down
The moon says sleep and sometimes love
While the Sun says get up, work, get something done!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

doe and fawn

When visiting dad I always have to do a 'deer run'
The pretty little doe was eating apples under a tree.
This doe was grazing under the trees by some grapevines..
And then her first fawn showed itself... ever watching
From behind another set of ears shows itself.

Maybe another night I will get the perfect picture of deer by the pond...
until then...
To God be the Glory, great things he hath done.

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Reunion

Ron, this post is for you. You said you keep looking for it!!
Ron was the man in charge of the corn! and it was gooood.

This get together for the few members left of my mother's family was held at Constitution Park in Cumberland MD. It's a very old park and the one thing it reminds me of is the dances they had when I was in high school. I danced to Little Eva's 'locomotion' there. Does that date me or what?

Today I am here to picnic and hopefully catch a glimpse of some
Our pavilion was located right near the duck pond and in the

Tall trees and wondering paths and roads

I do not know the name of this butterfly, but it was quite lovely resting on the pebbles along the walk way. I was happy to get this shot for my window on nature.

Joe is my mother's oldest brother and the only immediate living member of the Bruner family.
seen here feeding the ducks.
Thank God for timers on cameras. allowed me to get this shot with me in the picture.

And! at the end of the day we were actually sitting at the picnic table talking about woodpeckers and discussing which ones were coming to the yard of Ron's parents... And someone said like that one right there, and I looked up and right beside us were two pileated woodpeckers. Until I got the camera and got a couple shots,they had flown further away, but I was thrilled to get a shot you could identify!

Made my day at Constitution Park. . . Almost as much fun as dancing to locomotion!!!
Dedicated to Ron Shipley... the corn man!

My Birthday Present

Ever since a tree fell on the house this past winter and damaged my old swing I have wanted a new one. I got it for my birthday! Now I sit in my yard and watch my 'window on nature' unfold. Here are a few happenings over the past week or so.

I caught sight of these two finches visiting one of my sunflowers

And, I'm always up for some 'wren fun' These little guys forage among the weeds, flowers, hostas, always on the ground for a juicy little treat for their young.

Caught in mid flight coming in for a landing. I salvaged this box from last winter. A downy woodpecker had hollowed out the hole and so I bought a fitting from tractor supply and made a new hole and taped it up. And low and behold they are now raising a family in there.

From my 'perfect perch' on the new swing I can look up and catch mom and dad flying in and out.I can also see my freshly planted black eyed Susan's in the front garden.
I love purple and yellow together.
I thought this was hilarious how I used the sports setting and got this bunny doing the 'bunny hop' through the yard!

If I look to the right I catch a shot of the infamous playhouse. It has it's own flower garden and a brick sidewalk along with it's own mailbox.

As it grows dark and I have to go in, I see the wren hiding in the forsythia with a little treat grasped in it's beak. For the new babies no doubt.

I will leave you with a shot of my purple cone flower. Until the next time I sit upon the perfect perch and watch the yard.

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