Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wren update

I was surprised the new wren family chose this patched up box, but doubly surprised that they are feeding babies. I have not had any of my wrens nest this late. Usually by August they are gone.

These very small birds have many faces. I spend a lot of time watching them from my new swing in the yard. This pair is quiet compared to others I have had in the past

They always do this wing fan thing and little dance before they bring the food to the box.
Caught a big one this time!

It won't be long they will be gone and the yard will be quiet once again.
The babies are making a lot of noise so time is nearing for them to leave.
Hope I can catch that in pictures.Singing his heart out!! I'll leave you with that song.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Foal video... running & jumping

Horse and foal

I will depend on my expert equestrian friend Jan to tell me what kind of little horses these are. They are in a field below my dad's house and when I saw a foal I had to take some shots. He was having the time of his life running and jumping, just like the fawns do as you can see by the video.

My dad said he was only a few days old.

Here he is below sneaking alitle drink!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a different kind of baby.

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