Monday, September 29, 2008

More on the Triplets....

Pa is coloring up quickly now.. You can see
the leaves turning red.

While visiting one of my favorite hot spots for deer I am
watching .. watching... as I slowly do a drive by

First I see a single doe back in the woods giving me the eye

Almost immediately the first fawn comes right next to the road

Checking me out but not running away

The spots are gone now

She (he) is comfortable enough to groom while I watch
and click

I just love seeing them this close up

Here comes another one to see what is going on

Now we have two, and I just know another one is
nearby... waiting to catch up with the action

Mom is in the background checking on the triplets and
if you look closely behind the fawn on the right
you will see the third one's backside

Click for a closer look

Almost in unison they swing their heads around and bite
at a fly or something on their backs

I absolutely love these photo shoots... Watching these
fawns is so much fun....

Well, not a fawn, but he is a cutie pie with his cheeks packed
full of food! As I drive out of my favorite 'deer' road.


Sara G said...

Beautiful photo's.
Love the little chipmunk with his cheeks packed full!

Marsha said...

Beautiful as always, Jalynn!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

What a special time,to be able to capture these animals like this.

Bird Girl said...

What fun you had! You can just see how relaxed they are - so cool! Love the little puffy cheeked fella, as well!

The Birdlady said...


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