Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No doubt Valentine's Day is pagan, whether you
believe the story about a Roman priest who was martyred,
or the account from the Roman Empire, where in ancient Rome,
Feb. 14th was a holiday to honor Juno, the Queen of the
Roman Gods and Goddesses.

Whatever the truth, we in the US have turned it into a
'love' - send flowers' buy candy, 'commercial' holiday.
Having finished with my trivia.....
let's see what I came up with for this day of 'love' from

my bird friends to my blogger faithfuls

A heartfelt hello from Mr. tufted titmouse

Mrs. Cardinal sings a 'love you' song.
Red-belly wishes - to all of you out there.

If it says love you..... then

I love you too.
a butt is all you get from the carolina wren....

As the dove falls asleep before it gets to be his turn.

Happy Valentines Day to all of you....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More from my Sharp Lookin' Sharpie!

When I awoke this morning the snow was coming down
in the Northeast. We already had several inches on the
ground. So I headed on out with my trusty friend, Ben, to
do the shoveling and fill the bird feeders.

For some reason I looked up and in a tree right beside
my porch was the little Sharp Shinned Hawk. I raced
inside for the camera and started shooting.

As always he looks up and down ......

to the side.....
to the right and left........

no doubt..searching for just the right breakfast entre'

He didn't seem to mind I was right under the tree...

At the very moment I thought he was going to stay awhile
and stopped shooting he sprung into action.

He zoomed right down into a bush and came out with a
fist full (or should I say 'foot' full).... looked like a bird.
I was unable to get it!! Darn!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Week end Birding in the Backyard

It was a good week end for backyard birding.
Although my furry friend took advantage of
the seeds I put out for the birds, AGAIN!
He doesn't seem to mind the snow and being
covered in the white stuff.

I didn't realize how many whiskers a squirrel has.
Reminds me of a cat!!

Saturday the feeders were teeming with song birds.

I counted seven pairs of cardinals.

Whoa! landing can be tricky!

The snow just kept falling.. and then all the birds
just flew into the thicket and bushes. Gone!

I ran from window to window until I spotted the culprit.
My resident 'sharpie' was on the hunt.

He ducked his head and bobbed up and down.

He looked right and then left and was searching for
his breakfast I bet!

He's such a pretty little hawk! It's hard to believe he eats

Being unsuccessful he flew to a nearby tree and sat in the top
for quite sometime.

When I looked out at the feeder a downy woodpecker was
clinging to the post and not moving a muscle. He sat there
for 15 minutes, long after the hawk was gone.

Even though the snow was blowing, and temperatures have
dipped into the single digits....with wind chill at 20 below
the pussy willow is right on time.... full of buds.
A subtle reminder of Spring to come.

And as cold as it was, Mr. bluejay didn't seem to mind
as he sneaks a bite of suet.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's all about the EAGLE!

My friend and I went to Raystown Lake, Huntingdon County
yesterday to look for the many eagles that we've heard
hang out there. She went last week and got some great shots,
check out her blog and her eagle sightings
"You Don't have to go to Alaska' (Feb. 6 posting)

When we arrived at the designated sycamore tree.....
There it was!!! seemingly posing for us and we were so
excited. It seemed to be preening, not even caring that
we are across the water watching.

It just sat there and did it's thing, while we 'shot' away.

We always wish we could be closer, or it was a better day
for light. Today the light and the snow made everything
have a blueish tint which had to be edited out.

We talked and mused about what the eagle was doing and.....

where it's mate would be.. wishing again he or she would
show up in time for our photo shoot.

The sun did finally come out and then we couldn't see
through the viewfinders to shoot because it was in our eyes.
Still.......the Eagle sat there.

Was he waiting or just resting after a big lunch?

After getting several hundred photos we moved on up to
the spillway of the dam. Nothing happening up there
except gulls sitting with their reflections in the lake.

Back down the hill and there he is! We arrived at 2:30 and it
is now 4:15. How long could this bird sit here?
A wonderful opportunity for the perfect shot.

When I got home and started to edit I wished I had taken
fewer pictures. What a job!

I am thankful for seeing a beautiful Eagle and in the shot below
we think this may be a nest. We will keep an eye on it to be sure.

As we left for the day, the Eagle remained in place at
the top of the tree..

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