Monday, October 1, 2007

Fall at Wildwood Lake Sanctuary

When I visit my daughter in Harrisburg I go to Wildwood Sanctuary. Was
there earlier in the summer. Check out my post:

You can also go to the website and see what is being spotted there
through out the season.

The bog is far across as you can see here with lots of wetlands
that you can walk into on wood walkways.

The first thing I captured was a bird but didn't really know
what it was. Once in the camera and zoomed in I was
very surprised to see immature waxwings. Wow!
There's no denying that mask on the face!
there wasn't as much action as the visit earlier, but
even so the grounds are beautiful to just stroll around
and enjoy nature. The sedum was starting to turn
from pink to the autumn colors along the walks.

Peaceful to walk along the water.

On the upper side next to the highway you can walk quite a
distance with water on both sides. I strolled along looking for

I saw turtles sunning on this log. 3 going west and one east.

I wish the light had been better so you could see the yellow
stripes on his neck.

All the ducks seemed to be napping.

This little lady woke up to groom herself.

There were mallards also grooming.
I liked the way the reflection of the reeds are all
squiggly with the movement of water from
the duck swimming.

Caught this one in flight after I scared him.

I guess the most exciting capture was the egret. He was showing
off and flapping his wings.

On my next trip maybe it will be winter. We'll see what Wildwood
offers then...

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