Saturday, May 17, 2014

Backyard Birds

 What's happening in your backyard?
 This is what is going on in mine.
When winter finally gave way to sunshine and
rain, and green grass the birds were anxious to
find food and hang out with me.

 I have more Orioles this year than ever.  I count seven pairs.

 They like grape jelly and cut oranges!  You put 'em
out they will come and eat ~ it doesn't matter how you offer them

 Even the catbird likes the jelly
 and... didn't I catch this little gobbler eating jelly too
 The waterfall is a big draw for the Yellow Warbler..
 Bunnies just like grass
 When I caught the Oriole trying to use my Hummingbird feeder I
just poured some sugar water in a bowl and they came to it

 My Carolina Wren is gathering mealworms no doubt for
some babies hidden away somewhere

 I threw away my Oriole feeder a few years ago after trying and trying to get them to come.... So now they come!
 Dallas:   This post is for you for making me feel bad I don't blog anymore!!  
Hope you enjoy!

To God be the Glory  ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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