Friday, February 15, 2013

Eagle Love on Valentine's Day

Getting up early has it's advantages... The sun behind my house emerges in a blaze of color
 We didn't expect new snow but it was there and sticking to every tree and branch along the way               
As we head toward Fisherman's Paradise and the Eagle nest to see what's happening

 A winter wonderland

 The sun would pop out and what a glorious sight that would be along Spring Creek

 The Bellefonte Fish Culture station was quiet

 The Eagle Nest we are looking for is in the dark pine in the middle at the top of the ridge
 No Eagles visible to us here

 We leave Bellefonte and drive to Lamar where there is another fish hatchery and as soon as we drive in we see the Female in the top of a tall pine

 My first try at getting pictures of Eagles in the snow

The Male came flying in and sat below her in the snow covered branches

 Wow! I was happy to get these shots
 He moved up and sat beside her at the top of the tree

 We wondered if they knew it was Valentine's Day .. 
 She left and gathered some nesting materials... a sure sign of egg laying in the near future for them.
 He must have brought her food and they are eating together
 When I watch these Eagles it seems to me they have their own communication as they look towards one another
You can still see a little dusty color on her head...  signifying her maturity.  It takes 4 to 5 years for an eagle to have it's white head. She is on the left and a little bigger than the male.
Then he starts screaming at her over and over
 What better way to spend Valentine's Day but with a best friend observing "Eagle Love"

 He shakes the tree so hard the snow is falling  down

 Another day in the life of an Eagle Pair

To God be the Glory  ~~  Great Things He Hath Done

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