Saturday, June 28, 2014

Shenandoah Skyscape

There is nothing to compare to the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley and Skyscape.  I never tire of it. It's just as exciting to me as all the wildlife we see here
Every year I take the same pictures and each year they look different to me
My brother David checking out the clouds
 An unusual tree, shaped by the weather no doublt
On a clear day you can see all the layers of mountains and valleys

At this look out is where I took a picture of my favorite 'picture' of Skyline Drive
She was capturing the beauty that I so admire
 The area is rich with history

To God be the Glory  ~~  Great Things He hath Done

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Deer and Fawn of Shenandoah National Park

All of these deer were seen at the campground at the Meadows in SNP.  The first one is very small even for a newborn. 

Take notice that the fawn's head does not even touch the doe's underbelly. 

 Mom was very attentive and paid no attention to us in the car snapping pictures

 A short distance away we came across a bigger fawn

Mom was not far away.  She has tags in her ears.  a lot of the deer are tagged and some even have radio collars. 
 They began tagging the deer in 2012 due to CWD (chronic wasting disease)  A lot of photographer's were upset about it.  SNP is one of the few places you can get close to wildlife in a natural habitat

 We would have never seen this tiny fawn if someone hadn't told us where he was.  I walked up from a distance to take these pictures and he never took his eyes off me.  But he did not move.

Bucks were not moving around much  but we did see this one along the road

A young spike was eating alongside one of the overlooks. 
As we got closer we saw  what we think were warbles on his face.
They are caused by the warble fly (The fly lays eggs on the forelegs of large animals. They are ingested when the animal licks them off. The larvae travel to the skin surface and cause swellings called "warbles" They remain under the skin, and can be destroyed by pressure,)
One night leaving the restaurant after dark the headlights caught this deer
SNP is the place to go to see wildlife!

To God be the Glory  ~~  Great Things He Hath done

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