Friday, August 31, 2007

Night of the living 'deer'

I have been so busy with taking care of elder folks that I haven't had time to take pictures. I picked up my 72 yr old Aunt and took her for a deer run on the way to my 81 yr old dad's last night.
The first two deer were deep in the woods and the shots are not great but my Aunt was thrilled to see them.

Then things started to pick up and happen.. These two were close the road and seemed so curious of us.

One of my favorite spots to see deer.... Speaking of... did you see notice the deer we call 'spot' in the previous picture.

More and more deer came to join the crowd!! We were thrilled! My Aunt especially. She lives in Cleveland OH and doesn't get to see much of the outdoors.

This setting here by the pond is just so lovely even for a far away shot.

The longer we stayed the closer they got and were ever so curious, sniffing the air and perking up their ears.

Further up the road we saw a doe and fawn behind the queen Ann's lace.

I liked the dimension the stone wall gives to the next few pictures.

Heading back down towards dad's I saw a couple deer where I haven't seen any since winter. This doe just kept starring and watching. By then the light was fading and we were in that 'queer' light' which happens every night just before dark.

This was MY Favorite shot of the night. I seemed to focus on the tree with the apples (not intentional) and not the fawns. But love the way it turned out.

"To God by the Glory" Great things he hath provided.
A night of deer watching for me and Aunt Shirley.

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