Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Got Suet?

Suet is a high energy formulation of animal fat
and other ingredients to attract insect eating birds.
It supplies a quick source of heat and energy for birds,
who's metabolisms are set on fast forward.
It traditionally has been used as a good substitute
for the insects that birds usually feed upon
but are not plentiful in cold weather.

These pictures remind me of the 'milk commercial'
where everyone displays a milk mustache...
hence the bird's display the 'suet' mustache.

Most suets are made of 3 main ingredients:
Throw in a few nuts, seeds and dried fruits and
you have a delightful delicious treat for the birds.
Let's ask the birds what they think....

Mr. Red belly give me your thoughts on this suet.

Jalynn, You ARE the man!! Fresh suet.

I just can't wait to taste it

I'll just stick my beak right into that yummy stuff!

mmmmmm Now! That's what I call sweet

I'm so lucky to live in this neighborhood...

Hey! you other birds, come taste this for yourself!

It is simply.... Deeevine!

Thank you Red Belly, I think I will try some..

You're right Mr. Red Belly, this stuff sticks to your ribs...

and it sticks to your beak...

Maybe I can rub some off on the side of the tree....
Hey! Guys move on over it's my turn to try some..

I hate to show you how it's done....but dainty bites will
keep it off your beak...

See.. no mustache for me.

AAA Chooo! Oh excuse me I didn't mean to spit
on anyone....

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good....
had won the Super Bowl...and I turned on the TV
to catch the latest news.

It was 7:30 and the broadcast was from Gobblers Knob. The world's
most famous groundhog was about to predict the weather .
Punxsutawney Phil emerged just after dawn in front
of an estimated 13,000 witnesses, many dressed in
black and gold to celebrate the
Pittsburgh Steelers' Super Bowl victory the night before.
He saw his shadow which means 6 more weeks of winter.

The annual ritual takes place on Gobbler's Knob,
a tiny hill in Punxsutawney, a borough of about 6,100
residents some 65 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.
13000 attended this morning events. The first trek
was made to the Knob in1887..
After the 1993 movie staring Bill Murray thousands
started to show up on this eventful day in February.
The prediction? No one really believes it, but it is a
reason to have a whole lot of fun.

Now, I've seen my share of groundhogs both in my yard and in my travels.

But.... right after I watched the broadcast from Gobblers Knob I looked
out the window and there was my very own 'punxy Bill'... I have never
seen a groundhog in the snow and this early in the season.
I grabbed the camera so I could document this sighting...

He looked like he just had awaken from his hibernation
and his eyes weren't even open yet.

I never believed the Groundhog actually sees his shadow but
by gum.... there it was. I marked it for you with the arrow.

Maybe there is something to this after all. Six more weeks
of winter for us here in Central PA.
He started to walk towards the tool shed...

and quickly disappeared underneath..........

To God be The Glory ~~ I saw a Groundhog on Groundhog Day!!

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