Saturday, June 21, 2008

Coming Out Party!

Until we were completely sure the movement we were seeing
in the nest hole was indeed a 'baby' we didn't want to report it!
They look so much like the adults that it is hard to know.

Finally after two days of seeing with the eye, the camera was
able to capture the baby too.

I am so thankful that there are 2 of us, 2 cameras, and 2
schedules that allow someone 'on watch' through out the day.
And 2 babies too!

This all happened so fast we would have missed something.

Excitement was running high and cell phones were burning
hot between jane &barbie as we tried to capture every
movement of these babies.
It looked hard for this little 'Rascal' to climb up
to the mouth of the nest hole.

He was diligent though and kept at it.

Wow! That was hard!

Hey! It's a big world out here.
We have no idea what to expect as We have never watched a
Kestrel everything is new and amazing
and a learning experience for sure. We weren't even sure
the babies would appear. But we were ever so glad
the happy event finally came to pass.
When this little guy appeared on the ledge
my friend thought she was watching an adult for the
first few minutes, until she reviewed the pictures.

Watch the movie of the first baby making his debut and please
keep checking back..... One of the babies breaks loose and
adventure to follow...stay tuned.

To God be the Glory ~ Great great great Things He hath Done!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


This day started out pretty much the same as they all do at the 'Kestrel Watch'. I go to work and see Ethel in the tree hanging out. The leaves are blowing and she is swaying with the rhythm of the wind.

Meanwhile over at the nest site Fred is at the highest point he can get. He can see her from here and also see the nest. He is ever watching and protecting the precious cargo that is stashed away in the eaves of the 'nest' building.

He flits from one high point to another. This chimney is on
the roof of the building next to the nest site.
As he is preparing to fly so is the Starling on the roof next door.

She has a nest here too, as do many of her relatives. I see
Starlings going in and out of the eaves and into the
brick chimneys carrying food for their young.
There MUST be an agreement between Starling and Kestrel
for them to share the same nesting grounds, but on this day
their was a dispute brewing.
The Starling looks down....
Fred looks up....

Fred flies to a pole nearby to get a better look.

Up on the roof with the wind blowing up his chest feathers

these birds amaze me at how keen their eyes are
and how they watch every movement
The sun catches his shadow and throws it onto the
corbel of the roof

He's still looking for that Starling!

Thankfully my friend is here and pressing her shutter also. She
got some of the best action shots to follow. Thank you barbie
from jane & barbie adventures for your pictures I've used.

Aha!! There you are you pesky black bird!

Fred gives him the evil eye. It's probably the wind but
it looks like the feathers on the back of his neck are standing up!
The Starling takes flight

Fred calls for Ethel and she appears out of nowhere
at top speed... I'm coming honey!

The Starling tries to side step and dive but Ethel the 'mother
warrior' is right on it!

Uh Oh! A clash in midair.... Get outta here you pesky bird!

Normalcy returns and you can see Fred here if you look closely
feeding young.

Out again! making sure nothing showed up while he was feeding.

Ethel then comes in on the ledge and is preparing some food
for her little ones....seen with her mouth wide open.
Please stay tuned... the next post will be the 'coming out party'
You do not want to miss it!!
To God be the Glory ~ Great Things He Hath done!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pa State Flower and how it came to pass....

And other scenes along the way!

Eager to adopt an official state flower, many Pennsylvanians began to line up in support of the pink azalea or the mountain laurel. Supporters of both flowers were vocal and adamant. In fact, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, unable to reach agreement decided to defer to the Governor of the state.

Governor Gifford Pinchot, often referred to as our nation's first professionally trained forester, was no stranger to these beautiful flowers and may have been a little irritated when put in the position to decide the matter for the Pennsylvania Legislature.

The story goes that Governor Pinchot preferred the pink azalea, but that he left it to his wife to make the decision. Undoubtedly, she had at least a little influence on the Governor, for on May 5, 1933, Governor Gifford Pinchot signed legislation making the mountain laurel the official State flower of Pennsylvania. SMART MAN! I'm so glad he gave the decision over to his wife.

When I go looking for deer in June I see these flowers all through the woods. They are a beautiful accent to the lush green of the forest with it's dappled sunlight filtering down.
It's cool and relaxing to drive up the country roads and look at these scenes.

I came across this little bunny munching on greens

He became a 'funny bunny' with his actions while eating
and watching me get closer with the camera. He looks so human
holding that blade of grass.
Look Ma 'no hands!'

Then he gave me a look of attitude as
if to say 'Whatcha lookin' at lady? Back off!"

I did see the mama with her fawn very far away..

She stopped long enough for him to get a little drink keeping
an eye on me at the same time.

Another deer a little further along the road..

And yet another in the sunlight.

One last one hiding in the grass sunlight lighting up her ear.
What a beauty.

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