Thursday, August 28, 2014

Elk Calves in July

I usually reserve my visits to Elk Country until  early fall when the  bulls are bugling, but wanted to make a trip mid summer to see if I could see any new calves. 
 The scenery is always very nice to photograph here at Benezett 
The first capture was not an elk but Turkeys that are always somewhere around the visitors center or out in the fields
This encounter was not an elk either, but I loved this picture of another photographer I would guess who was looking for the same thing I was....elk
 Also not an elk but a bird of interest on the high tension wire on the way to the visitors center.  Cooper Hawk
Finally I did get to see a cow with a calf..but at a distance
Then a few more came out of the woods

 While taking an icecream break we were sitting and looking on the power line 
looked like a few cows and atleast one calf 
While watching the elk we saw a White tail fawn run across behind the elk.

A cow munching on greens close to the road
We also did see a couple of Bull elk but they were back in the woods with many sticks and trees to contend clear shots here.
A little better shot
 Towards evening we saw a bull feeding with some cows near the edge of the woods
My favorite picture which I almost missed on the way out of Benezette was this one.

To God be the Glory  ~~  Great Things He Hath Done

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