Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Third Time is the Charm!!

My pair of Carolina Wrens built a nest in the propane
tank two years in a row and both nests having failed they
came back and tried it again. These feisty loud little
birds are known to nest in strange places....well yea this
is strange. I find myself saying.. the wrens are
out back in the tank!

On the 19th of April I popped the lid and found 5 oval
grayish white eggs speckled reddish brown. I waited
until yesterday to look again figuring she would lay one
more egg before sitting.

The tank is outside my bedroom window and every morning
starting about 5:30 I can hear that crazy wren.....
"chirr-up chirr-up.. chirr -up"

"tea kettle tea kettle tea kettle"
The Male is the only one who sings and sings
LOUD.. The Female does not sing.

I watch as he sits on my pump case and scope for
bugs in the grass.

They will visit the feeders but usually to scratch around
and look for insects there, I do not see them eating seeds.

I can usually find him on one of the freshly cut billets
which is close to the 'tank'

or hop skipping around the feeders
On this day he was bouncing from feeder to feeder

standing on top and looking up

I knew what he wanted cause I could see the whole picture

He wanted on top so he could look for insects among
the seeds on the platform feeder..
The squirrel wouldn't budge and so he gave up

and went behind the wishing well obviously to pout!
Just the way he was walking he reminded me of a
toddler who was miffed.

Am I crazy, or this wren's bill broken? I looked at pictures
of other wrens and their bills are the same length both
top and bottom.

Back to this morning when I popped the lid on the tank....
I saw a bug being carried into the tank and only assumed
the male was feeding his missus who was sitting on the eggs.

So after he was gone.. I walked right over and lifted the lid
gasp gasp... Oh My Gosh!

Was I ever surprised to see babies. They had all hatched
while I was waiting for more eggs to be laid.

I guess the "Third Time is the Charm"

Happy Happy Birthday Baby Wrens .. all 5 of you!

Keep singing you happy little guy... you have a lot to
sing about. How happy I am for you...

and LOOK who showed up yesterday starving for food!
My Rose breasted Grosbeak..
God Is Good..

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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