Friday, March 28, 2008

And..... Spring Cometh

For all of those who live in Southern parts of the U.S., the
Northeast is much slower coming to life in the Spring.
This is a glimpse of our forthcoming flowers and buds.
It's still in the 30's and 40's here with an occasional 50.

Today was a gray gloomy day with misting rain coming down.
I headed outside to see what signs of Spring I could
find. My sedum has finally shown it's cute little face
that looks much like little green flowers hidden beneath
the leaves.

Day lilies are visible sprouting up from the ugly winter residue.

The daffodils were under the snow and when it went...
here they were standing up and getting ready for their blooms.

I have rows of them in front of the playhouse porch.

This tulip is coming up from under the landscape light....dah!

The buds on the lilac are plumping up..and one drop of
water from the rain is suspended there.My first 'chippy' sighting.. a little snow remains.

If I had to look at this all year round it would be depressing.

But I can look forward to green green grass and flowers...ahhhhhh
A Titmouse declares to the early morning.. It IS Spring. As I pan through the yard following my dog, Ben I can hear nothing but the chorus of Spring in the birds singing.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Daily Dose of Feathered Friends..or not!

I know, I know, we all hate starlings.....but
these little gluttons kinda looked cute. I like their
yellow beaks the best!

The new sign 'feathered friends' seemed like an invitation
to all the reasons why I can't afford bird seed these days.
I'll name them one by one.....

Meet Rico.....

St. Francis

Sanchez the stump sitter

Cisco at the Gazebo

and Pepe the hang glider

Oops, almost forgot Juan praying to St. Sunflower....
please, send more seeds!!

While I was at it I saw a cute little bunny today...
thankfully they do NOT eat seeds.

On my morning jaunt I did see a couple hawks. One
way up in the tree hunting.

And of course the old standbys at the Vets Home
Always at the top of the pole.

the wind was ruffling the feathers a little.

They have cute little faces...

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