Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A few "July Birthday" pictures

As you can see we have a LOT of July Birthdays so we have ONE party. The youngest always makes out.... Ali was 6

Grandma and Ali

Daddy and Ali decorating.

Ali and Jacob with their 'goody'
Wouldn't be a party without the trampoline...

Micky and Mya "the twins" love the playhouse....

All gifts opened and everyone happy...

Happy July Birthday until next year.
Ali 6
Jordan 18
Bryan 41
Jane 61
Pap 81

Unexpected Sighting

I took these pictures the other night of this deer very far away.... never seeing the heron on the right until I finally put the pictures on the computer. Imagine my surprise. Wish I would have seen it at the time, but oh well.

I kept wondering what the deer was looking at... dah! Should have looked. Gettin' old I guess.

Monday, July 23, 2007

a Night in dry run....

You know how I love to get a glimpse of the fawns.... saw this doe with one and then......

the second showed up to give his sibling a little kiss

This one was down in the pond eating something along the edge

And...always glad to have a sighting of the piebald. No fawn in sight on this night.

As the sky turns pink I head on home...

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