Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No Bull!! This was exciting!

Cowgirls go to Baltimore!


If you don't like bull riding you might wanna skip this one

Above the 1st Mariner Arena sits two starlings 'chutin' the bull.
One asks the other "What's all the fuss about cowboys and bulls?"

March 3, 4 was the Baltimore Invitational and
was thrilled to be able to attend.
I invited two girlfriends and off we went.

One of the first things you see is the PBR (Professional Bull Riding)
trucks parked on the street.
Once inside the arena you see the chutes, the bulls and the cowboys!!

You will see two ropes on the bulls. The one in the
front is the cowboy's bull rope he holds while riding,
it is weighted down with cow bells, as you can see.

The flank strap goes around the back of the bull in front of the back legs
just tight enough to stay on but loose enough that the bull kicks to get it off.
It does not hurt the bull.

(rumor that it goes around the genitals is false)

When the chute is pulled open, the bull blasts out like a shot from a canon.

the e on the vest stands for enterprise which is
one of the PBR's
many many sponsors.

You will witness camaraderie between the cowboys and
the bullfighters. You might say they often stand between
life and death for these brave cowboys.

As you can see in the next couple shots, just how very
dangerous bull riding can be.

You see the bull fighter moving in to distract the bull from
stepping on top of the rider. It doesn't always work!

More points are awarded for staying aboard and spurring.

It looks as if the bullfighter is taking the "bull by the horns"here.
that's one heck of a buck off.. a 2000 lb bull is powerful.

Brian Canter (NC) is one of smallest bull riders in the PBR,
but is one wiry dude.

He loses his hat aboard a bull named Red Line.

It goes flying but Brian keeps his seat.

When he does get off, the bullfighters are there to
protect him from the bull's mighty power.
Funny how the bull fighter thinks that hand could stop the bull!!

Chaps are colorful but their real purpose is protecting
the bull rider's legs while riding and in the chutes.

No wonder it is called

"The Toughest Sport on Dirt"

L.J. Jenkins bites the dust.

The very first bull rider I saw in 2004 on TV was Chris
Shivers. He remains a favorite. He holds the PBR World Cup
for 200o & 2003. And he's a cute cowboy- just 29 yrs. old...
looks like a baby, but tough as nails. He is talking to L.J.Jenkins.

Here is Chris on a bull named 'Silent Assasin'.

Tips his hat to the crowd.
Chris was the first to earn 1 million dollars and
holds the highest point ride total in the history of PBR -- 96.5.

I was pleased with the Sony H9 this time around. In NY
I had nothing but blurrrr.. Lighting was so much better

in the 1st Mariner Arena and I used the advanced sports setting.

You will see some cowboys wearing half face or full
helmets. That's a change since I started to watch in '04. Cowboy hats
used to be the norm with no helmets, but serious injury
has changed all that.

The vests they wear are made of kevlar. Yep! The bullet proof
material made for law enforcement. It protects against horns, and hoofs,
. It is made to rip away if the bull hooks you and
prevents a toss into the air.

Mike Lee (Texas) is another of my favorites and is #6 in the
standings right now. He had a serious injury last year when a
bull stepped on his head and he started wearing the helmet. He
came back to sustain a second injury even with a helmet
and was out for several weeks in 07.
A lot of the riders have a belief in Jesus Christ, and Mike Lee
is one that shows that to the audience every time he rides.
You will see him kneel down on one knee and thank God
every single time he rides, whether he has made the whistle
or not.
Here we see a bull kneeling, but that just means that
Adriano Moraes who is aboard may be awarded a
re-ride because the bull stumbled and he
didn't get a fair chance to ride.

The cowboys often climb the fence to get away from the
bull once they get off. L.J. Jenkins (NM) did just that in
Baltimore to get away from a bull named Physical Education.

The cowboys all have their own style, and when they win
they do something .... like Guilherme Marchi (Brazil)
who dances with Flint the rodeo clown. He has a big
reason to dance as he is #2 in the World standings right now.

Mike White (TX) rides a big yellow bull for the 8 seconds and
makes the whistle.

This bull looked real mean with it's big black eye patches.

Bryan Richardson (TX) is new but gives it a go.

Robson Palermo (Brazil) won the event in Baltimore.But...

Adriano Moraes a fellow Brazilian holds the World Cup
for 2007. He is 37 yrs. old and is a 3 time champion.
He announced his retirement at the end of this year
in Madison Square Garden, NY this past January.

Until the next event...... Yee Haw!!
Sorry you bird lovers... But this IS my second love!

Check out my video... If you've never been to an event they all start the same way.
The lights go out...... the music comes up ......and then fireworks begin...and they
introduce the cowboys. It's quite exciting.

This is NOT a rodeo, This is the PBR!

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