Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What can I say.....Deer!

I was actually trying to get a shot of this rainbow
the other evening....the rain had almost stopped
and the sun came out and I was riding around
looking for a photo - op!!

Well.... I stopped the car and was out in the road doing my best

to get the rainbow in my lens, but I was too close and couldn't do it.
As I turned and looked in the other direction was I ever surprised!! A whole family of deer were watching me.

A doe and a big buck, which I think is just gorgeous
was just checking to see what I was doing.

As I quickly forgot all about the rainbow and started
to take their picture, the buck loses interest

He would watch me for a few minutes

Then go back to his grazing

It looked like a whole family was there....

What a nice rack

This is my favorite picture of the buck

I couldn't help myself I took ALOT of pictures

In fact.....I had to remove a bunch to keep this post to
a minimum

If you call this many pictures minimal haha

I drove on up the road and came back down....thinking they
had left.. when there he is again...

I love this time of year when you can see the deer
families grazing and unafraid of the camera
On the way home another buck ran along side of the car and
then crossed over quickly and disappeared.

I'll be away until no more deer for now.
You are probably getting sick of them anyway.

Monday, September 29, 2008

More on the Triplets....

Pa is coloring up quickly now.. You can see
the leaves turning red.

While visiting one of my favorite hot spots for deer I am
watching .. watching... as I slowly do a drive by

First I see a single doe back in the woods giving me the eye

Almost immediately the first fawn comes right next to the road

Checking me out but not running away

The spots are gone now

She (he) is comfortable enough to groom while I watch
and click

I just love seeing them this close up

Here comes another one to see what is going on

Now we have two, and I just know another one is
nearby... waiting to catch up with the action

Mom is in the background checking on the triplets and
if you look closely behind the fawn on the right
you will see the third one's backside

Click for a closer look

Almost in unison they swing their heads around and bite
at a fly or something on their backs

I absolutely love these photo shoots... Watching these
fawns is so much fun....

Well, not a fawn, but he is a cutie pie with his cheeks packed
full of food! As I drive out of my favorite 'deer' road.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm seeing a lot of deer

As it gets cooler and the days get shorter the deer seem to
make an appearance in the fields. The only trouble
is by the time I get out to see them light is low.
I sure wish it had been lighter when I saw this
pair of Bucks with their nice racks.

With heads held high they watched me for quite
a while. I got a lot of pictures but all dark.

On another evening also right before dark I was lucky
again and saw a bunch of does doing their thing. She
had just come up from drinking and water is
dripping from her mouth

There were three all prancing around the water pond

I'm not sure what is up in this willow tree...but something
is making the deer jump up and try to get it

Usually you see this behavior when there is an apple tree
not a willow

It must have been the night for deer to jump up and
retrieve food from trees, cause I saw a lot of action

There were does and fawns here running and playing
and eating.

Sorry about the 'dark' of it. Nothing I could do about that.

To God Be The Glory ~~ Great Things he Hath Done

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