Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas is coming.....

Let me exclaim the 'Glad Tidings' of Christmas
at my house.

Ben peeking out of the porch rails at the

a squirrel watches as he steels the seeds from the
birds. A familiar scene out my dining room

He caught me watching him with the camera.

I had to laugh at his look when he discovered the
water bowl was frozen!

For everyone who can't come to visit, welcome
to my house at Christmas.

This is the scene as you enter my door.

And let's not forget the Playhouse at night! I love to
look out at it.

as Christmas approaches take time to look out and enjoy
the scenery whatever it may be.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

It was a Squirrely day the feeder

Friday while cleaning I kept a close watch on the feeder
hoping to see some birds, but the squirrels stole the

I put out some grapes, again, wanting to attract
birds... no such luck

He really seemed to be enjoying himself.

Reminds me of my kids when they were little....
one in the mouth and two in the hand...

then I looked out to 'double' trouble..

Which turned into 'triple'

This little guy was stealing seeds from the top
of a stump where I placed them for the birds.

at least the titmouse was having his fill of sunflower

Now doesn't it look like he is 'giving thanks'

Some Snowy Photos

At my house this morning it was snowing a little but
later in the afternoon when I went to my dad's at
a higher elevation the snow was sticking to everything
and quite beautiful.
One single fall leaf amidst the snowy branches
I saw a few deer really far away.

Just a short distance down the road at the pond
there was less snow, but what a beautiful setting
with snow on the branches, green of the grass and
a red 'fall' tree in the background.

snow covered leaves... combination of fall and winter.
And there was the piebald way up in the field with
a couple other deer.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Let me take you on the train to NJ

My Trip Over the Week End!

I like to travel on the train. No driving or stress, you can read,
relax, sleep, or even take pictures out the window.
Here are a few of the scenes I took from PA to NJ.
Some are clearer than others, depending upon
how fast the train was traveling and how quick I was
with the shutter!! :-)

If you listen you can almost hear the rumble of the tracks
and feel the bumpity bump.... Come along for the ride and

Birds, ducks, birds

When you are visiting near the ocean you see lots
of water birds. In this parking lot of the stop
and shop there were plenty of gulls.

Also no shortage of Canada Geese...

Bottoms up!

You've heard of your 'ducks in a row' well here we
have geese in a row....Looks like they are waiting for
their marching orders...

Now this bird at first I thought was a loon or grebe, but
as you will see in the other pictures that wasn't so.
My friend bird girl helped me identify it.

We decided it was a Cormorant. It had a partner as you
can see it flying by.

I knew by the way it was standing that it was something
other than your run of the mill duck or gull.

these gulls crack me up how they hang out on the posts,
some on one leg.

And for the 'catch of the day'
A heron looking like he is dressed in
a feathery overcoat as the wind blew on.

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