Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Favorite Pictures from Christmas

Christmas eve, the cowboy tree was all aglow
the packages were under the tree
Santa was on his way......

My granddaughter Alison was fascinated with
all the different cow-boy ornaments

She carefully touched them while posing
prettily in front of the tree

How many bucking bulls can she hold all at once?

She is the perfect subject for a picture shoot

My daughter's chihuahuas were here too and Alison
chased them down to join her in a picture or two.
She is holding Layla

And here she is kissing Noodles

Noodles is dressed as a Christmas Elf and Layla a Santa

My dog Ben

As Ben watches for Santa the chihuahuas
settle in for a nap

And soon enough they are fast asleep waiting for old St. Nick

My daughter-in-law Mandy posing with her beloved Sophie

Meanwhile I get to open a gift and am elated to find a
heated bowl for my birdies this winter. My son got it
although he thinks I am crazy at the things I want.
I can think of nothing better than pictures of birds
drinking from my new gift. I'm already planning
how to set it up.

And then today I had to go grocery shopping and when
I came out I saw on the roof of a SUV nothing else but
a BEAR. They had it leaned against the roof rack with
its feet tied together. I couldn't believe it.
They also had dressed it up with a red hoodie and
a matching hat. I just had to take the picture!
Some lady gave me that "are you crazy" look
when I whipped out the Sony and started to take
pictures! Of course that didn't make me hesitate
or stop. I really wanted everyone to see this BEAR.
down to
see it
on top
of the

It's foot says 2005 and if you click you will see his name
is Humfrey!! Yep a Bear on the top of a SUV. I've seen it
all now. But I got to thinking, as many times as I lose my
car in the parking lot, this may not be such a bad idea!!

Enough of my silliness.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Merry Christmas

Winter is a time for comfort, for good and warmth,
for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk
beside the fire; it is the time for HOME.
Edith Sitwell

Here in the PA we woke up to rain and ice...
on the bushes, the trees, the pines, the road, the sidewalk
the car and everything that was left out over night.
Bad for travel but beautiful to behold.

A tree sculpture of a bear and cub...covered in ice.

a Beautiful sight...all covered in ice.

The birds did not seem to mind at all and look
quite beautiful alongside the icicles hanging
from the feeder

or perched atop an ice covered seed pod

The dove has ice balls on his back

And how does the Jay hold on to that icy hook?

What keeps the squirrel from sliding off the top of the church?

May you and Yours have a peaceful wonderful Christ filled Christmas.

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

Sunday, December 21, 2008

In my Travels...and around the yard

Talk about busy, I have been just running to and fro
doing this and that... getting little done and feeling
completely worn out and exhausted.
But... I took my camera everywhere I went
and for your pleasure or not haha I did
get a few shots of things on the run.
Saw these deer in the field..almost dark

And there they go ... on the run

Then I saw a whole flock of turkeys, but by
the time I got the camera, turned it on and
focused only a couple remained...and

Like me they were 'on the run' too

I had better luck in the yard.... a few birds posed for me
Mr. Titmouse was on the trellis

A Siskin out in the snow

The squirrels have been really busy at the Playhouse
This one is looking for a place to hide his treasured walnut.

Under the garland seemed to be his place of choice

I couldn't figure out if this one was trying to put
something in or take something out of the
Christmas stocking

No doubt this one was eating the free sunflower seeds

Oh! She has a Red Star-shaped dish must be Christmas!

What The???? This women is nuts.. What's with the decorations?

Awww isn't he the cutest little downy?

Mr. Cardinal was high up in a tree

There's the fat fluffy guy again!

Oh! And all of Bob's friends from
Shelleys blog came to visit me today. They were everywhere.
I don't have a heated water bowl to poop in, so they didn't
stay long.

I have taken a lot of Christmas pictures and threw them all
in the slide show above. Take a moment to view.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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