Saturday, March 6, 2010

Double Trouble......

I have been feeding deer in the backyard so I am constantly
looking out to see if any have shown up.
I wasn't surprised to see the opossum on top of
the feeder, but I did a double take to see TWO!

Two cute little faces were looking back at me
cute being the operative word...some would not say 'cute'

Sunday, February 28, 2010

We'll Sing in the Sunshine.........

As I leave my lane the snow is still up to the bottom of the stop sign....
the drive way is still not bare.... BUT the sun IS shining
and I am excited to see it.

Going back to 1964.. the year I graduated High School I
remember that old old song... "We'll sing in the sunshine
We'll laugh everyday"
I had to laugh at this Blue Jay digging his head into the

He must have been eating it or drinking from it
is all I could figure

The sunshine makes us all delirious
Mr. Cardinal is brilliant in the sunshine

Mr. Dark eyed Junco looks like he's about to ski with
his skinny straight legs

A white throated Sparrow searches on the snow for spilled
seeds from the feeder

Finding a bare spot from where I have shoveled another
male Cardinal looks for food

We can even see his shadow on the ground

The female Cardinal casting her shadow in the sunshine

I start singing my song again as sun continues to brightly shine
And when a year has ended,
And I have gone away,
You'll often speak about me,
And this is what you'll say:

We sang in the sunshine,
You know we laughed everyday,

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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