Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Very Scenic Drive

I was on my way to Bison Corral right outside of Schellsburg (Bedford County)
to get some bison burgers. .....which I love.
Had not been out there for quite sometime. When I rounded the corner and
approached the top of the hill I was astounded by this mural.
It was just beautiful

I came home and my friend Bird girl and I looked it up. Here is what we found.
The red white and blue L is for Lincoln Highway.
Four years ago the LHHC hired a professional firm to develop a plan
for marketing the Lincoln Highway. Included in this plan will be
fiberglass gas pumps and murals.
Go here to read more about it.

A close up shows a picture of the Grandview Ship hotel and the
1806 Historic church, both on Route 30.

Right across the road from the barn is the Bison Corral. A new addition since
I was there is this fiberglass gas pump.

If you are ever in the Bedford area check these places out. It is well worth the trip.
We did not see any Bison roaming around the fields. They were all hidden. But I have been there when you could see them. In October there will be a
October 6-7, 13-14, 2007 ... 10am - 6pm
more info can be found here:

History Restored

.....The Bedford Springs Hotel in the past......

Sunday was a gorgeous day for a drive and even more perfect for some
historic pictures along the way. I don't know if it is because I am from Bedford
County and went to School in Bedford and to the Prom at the Springs .....
But... I sure have been interested in the restoration of the Bedford Springs Hotel.
I have been down several times but today was the first visit since it was finished.
It is absolutely magnificent.

The grounds were manicured to perfection..
The 'mineral springs' was the original drawing card for this resort.

This area with hickory bottom rockers is a new addition
and notice the tables..... old stumps.

Lots of flowers blooming to give color to the landscape.

An adult size swing hung from one of the hundred year old trees.

Some guys were throwing horseshoes on the lawn.

If you double click on this picture you will see the horse and buggy in the front of hotel.

And here is a close up of the horse and buggy hauling some patrons about.

In 1803 when Dr. John Anderson placed the first stone for what was to become the Bedford Springs
Hotel, he laid the foundation for more than a building. What has emerged is a rich repository of local,
regional and national history.

Bedford Springs, with its majestic buildings, towering wooded hills, narrow valley, glistening stream
and many mineral springs, became renowned beginning in the 19th century as a fashionable place for recuperation, relaxation and leisure
If you want to read more about the Bedford Springs and it's history go here

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