Thursday, December 31, 2009

Highlights from Christmas

I'm the person behind the camera pressing the shutter....and
I Love candid shots and posed shots and every remembrance
of a holiday festivity..
With that being said I have a collection of family Holiday photos to
share.... Hope you don't get too bored.. I have just added
a few 'words' in description of the 'shot'

Lean on me...lean on me..
somebody to lean on!

Remember young love?
My grandson and his girl

She thought it was funny... but he's thinkin about it

If you have some extra dip.... have a piece of the broccoli tree

A poser.... Mandy and me with our Christmas bears

Awww shucks... you shouldn't have!

I did ASK Santa for some silverware.....

and Honest we ALL DO ...believe

We used to be skiers.... thanks for the reminder

How a strange gift can make you happy and......

bring a S M I L E :-) 'Waffles tomorrow morn fer sure'

Peace Grandma!

A giddy up ride from Uncle Jarred.. go Alison

Oh My Gosh! I'm not eating a red striped chewy... no way!

My wonderful grandsons....

an unusual ornament... but she likes dragonflies

These are generic... last year we had whole outfits

Huh? What's that expression?

Can you tell I love these guys?

What do you mean 'I' can't play?

Christmas makes me tired..

The boys and their sports shirts... Hockey


Money is good... very good

Just what I wanted... new shoes

I'm sick of this crown

Candles are lit... dinner is almost ready

Lookin in and sharing the moment with us

It truly was a Merry Christmas

and as the sun rises on this snowy New Years Eve.... let me say

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath done

I'm looking forward to 2010 and the blessings to come.....
Wishing you lots of your own.

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