Friday, July 11, 2008

Surprise Sighting...

After doing my wren watch and seeing him (her) sit on everything in the garage, including this ice cube tray left on the freezer, ... I was then off and on my way home and taking a trip around the 'valley' to test my luck once again and see what I could see. I had already taken some shots of the buck in velvet and saw some bluebirds in their nesting boxes when two cars were right on my tail. and I pulled onto a road I usually don't take. Straight ahead I saw this Red Fox.

According to the PA Game commission Red and gray foxes are small, agile carnivores belonging to the same family (Canidae) as the dog, coyote and wolf. Both red and gray foxes are found throughout Pennsylvania. They are nocturnal and I personally had never seen one in the day until now.

Foxes are swift runners and can swim if they have to. This one looked
like he had wet legs and feet.

Foxes are "opportunists" when it comes to feeding. This means they will eat whatever is most easily obtained. This fox seemed young as he did not run from me but kept running up the road and along side.

The 'Kits' or "Pups' leave the den area in mid-July or August and may forage with their parents for another month until the family disbands. That fits the time schedule for this to be a 'pup'
Red foxes seem less bothered by people than grays and often inhabit heavily populated areas, although they are rarely seen due to their nocturnal habits. So I feel lucky to have seen this little guy.
He went to the other side of the road and then turned and looked right at me. I was shooting through the windshield, so the pictures aren't as sharp and clear as I would have liked.

He wasn't afraid at all and kept looking.... maybe he lost his mom!
Only a mom would say that !!

He then gave me one last long look and was gone into the bushes. I was so thankful to have seen this beautiful creature. What blessings come when you are looking!

To God Be The Glory ~ Great Things He Hath Done

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Garage Sale, anyone!

Most people put things in their garage to save for a rainy day
or because they are old or worn, or they think they might
need them later on, just to find out they should have thrown
them out to start... For instance, this pair of
sneakers.. though still perfectly good..
will probably never be worn......

Or this still in good shape work boots, that haven't been on your
feet since you retired last Spring.....

I think this was used for minnows when you used to fish...
or was it...I don't remember.....

The fishing pole overhead that is collecting dirt and dust.

Hey! And what about that MINN KOTA fish finder that you had to have?
Have you used it in years?

I think you have guessed by now this is not about
the 'stuff' in the garage at all. No! It's about that
crazy wren that set up housekeeping in a bag in
the garage.

This time when I got to Barb's I didn't even have to wait
5 minutes. Both mom and pop were in on it. They wanted
to feed the babies but were hopping up and stretching far over....
down to the ladder and

Up to the top of the roof...on the metal that holds
the garage door.

Looking madder than a 'wet settin' hen' cause I am
there again with that incessant clicking of the camera.

I did get her feeding the babies in this video. Listen at the end she
is chirping quite loudly and he is scolding me for being there.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Deerly Beloved.....

I went out to do the 'wren watch' once again tonight and
again saw more in an hour at Barb's house than I see in a
week at mine. She is in a rural area and I live more near
the city. I think she left her luck behind when she went
South... and I must have found it... After doing the
wren shoot, I took a little ride to the park.
At first I thought this was a doe peeking around the
tree at me.

something behind the tree was good ...I see some lip licking..

Oh Wow! We are not a Ms. but a MR! in velvet.
What a lovely buck.

A real beauty.

I was happy to see this guy.
Then a little further down the road in a corn field

I actually saw quite a few deer... and this farmer is not
going to be happy ...

They were having a high ole time munching down the
corn stalks..
Caught! with a mouth full. Click to see close up.

Then, off they ran.

Now don't run off... stay tuned as you can see, I have some crazy shots of that wren in the garage, and also a cute fella that showed up on the road on the way home. Next post..

Monday, July 7, 2008

Feed ME first, mommy!

As I was leaving Barb's house after 'wren watch' on Sunday
I noticed two baby barn swallows on the line at the
end of her driveway. I was trying to catch their expressions.....

They were flapping wings and looking all around...

Dad sat a little further down the line.

When all of a sudden mom flies in and each baby wants
to be feed FIRST!! Me ME mommy!

The one of the left gets the prize and the one of the right is still
open wide..

They are so darn cute.

Look out! Here comes another one and I want it!

OOps must have been a fly by...

Hey! We're over here!

This time baby on the right gets fed.

How busy all these birds are with their youngsters to feed.
A full time job and some.

Thanks birdgirl...I wouldn't have seen this at my house.

To God Be the Glory ~ Great Things He Hath Done

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sharing is the BEST!

When my Best Friend went on vacation I took over the
'wren watch'. If you haven't guessed by now the other
half of the 'jane & barbie' adventures is birdgirl.
I will be keeping track of the Carolina Wren while
she is at Emerald Isle having fun :-)
Yesterday the photo op rendered this baby picture.
Still can't tell how many.

When I instructions were: look in the garage by the ladder and camo coat, you will see a bag with a turkey decoy sticking out of it.

Sure enough, after about a 20 minute wait Mrs Wren showed up.

The pictures I use the flash made her very nervous.

So I took only a few. The rest are without flash.

When she arrived with a bug, she sat on the lower rung
of the ladder and hopped up
until she could jump over to the bag.

She was being very cautious.
It took her awhile to feed, seeing her tail flip up and down.
Are you still there?

I was sitting in the truck with the window down.

Do you have to watch me?
She looked a bit sad at this turn of events.
After about 5 minutes, she was ready to leave.
She hopped right out on that turkey and was gone.
To see the first post go to the CRAZIEST nest on
birdgirl's blog. Oh! And if you don't have a 'best friend' get
one, they sure come in handy and it's FUN!

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