Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Water Feature

 We had just gotten new sidewalks and walls (April 2012) and I had the perfect place for a water feature....  I got a couple bids and could not afford to pay the going rate of $9,000  to $13,000. 

I have 3 sons and all of them are very good at construction   so..  I decided to pay them to do it for me.

 With the help of a Bobcat they moved the bubbling
rock into place 
Once the liner, 200 gallon capacity aqua blocks, and all the stones were in place it was time to fill it with water and turn on the pump.
Seeing it work was so exciting
The hardest part of the work done it was time to do the planting and landscaping

 I used a lot of plants I already had and bought some new ones too
My friend used her iphone and took this panorama for me
Being able to get up and walk onto the patio and hear the water is like a dream come true...  A big thanks to all who helped make it a reality.   
Next.....   the birds come!

To God be the Glory  ~~ Great Things He Hath Done 

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