Saturday, May 24, 2008

Remembering Memorial Day

We do not change as we grow older; we just become more clearly ourselves.
Lynn Hall

When I think of Memorial Day this photograph comes to mind.
We have always had a picnic and hung up the Flag
and celebrated with food and drink and fun. In fact
we do it for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.
When I dug out this photo and looked at the
two little boys on the left side under the flag I couldn't
believe it.

This was my grandsons 12 years ago. Where does the time go?

The night before I had just taken pictures of them dressed
for their Junior and Senior Proms.

this is the little boy that was on the left...

And this is his brother on the right....

A Stark reminder that time waits for no man....
Make the best of each day because before you realize
it ... everyone is grown up and you find yourself
a senior citizen!
Make the most of each day.....
When you celebrate Memorial Day ... stop
for a moment and remember all those who have died for our
Country and all those still in the battlefield of freedom right now.

Happy Memorial Day!
To God be the Glory ~Great Things He Hath Done!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back to Reality In My Backyard......

I may have left for greener pastures but when I returned the birds were all here waiting for me to feed them. The oranges I put out immediately brought Mr. Red Belly flying my way. He looked so pretty in bright sunlight.

Then the Mockingbird stopped by.
The Catbird was 'meowing' his way through the grapes I put out.

A blue flash, and again I see the Indigo Bunting. Twice in a
season, that's a record for me!!

This trio came to town instantly as soon as the seeds were

For some reason the R B Grosbeaks love this gazebo feeder.
I have counted 7 males this year and so far 2 females.
In the mornings they fight over this feeder.

This Mourning Dove looked pretty perched on the feeder.

I was afraid I would never see a chipmunk again as our
neighborhood seems to have a lot cats running around. But
I saw this little guy and he was just asking for a photoshoot.

He scampered from one part of the yard to another and then...

hopped up on this log where I keep bird seeds in the
cat feeder sometime. None there today...but he stayed
and posed.....

and stayed.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Walkin' the Dog

After trying to get those quick flying 'flitting' little Warblers, I decided to get some subjects that were bigger and stood still for the capture. I believe that this is the 2nd most Popular Activity in Central Park. Walkin' the dog! Enjoy! Turn on the has a snappy tune!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Ride on theWild Side!!

After the bird walk with Birding Bob on the second day in Central Park, my friend and I were just plain bushed! We had walked 9 hours on Saturday and another 5 on Sunday. There was lots more to see and we had not yet gotten to see Pale Male and Lola's nest by the Model Boat Pond. That is when we spied a solution... Central Park is full of 'Pedicabs' Two seated vehicles powered by a strong young peddler.

Pedicabs are causing Pedi-monium according to the Daily Intel in a article entitled "Pedicab Junction" go here to read more about it. The top spots for fare hustling are tourist meccas like Central Park (where as many as 300 pedicabs circle daily) A Pedicab is pictured below.

We chose this handsome young man who is from Turkey and
drove Pedicab in Istanbul before coming to New York City.

He took us everywhere we had not seen and waited as we
got out and took our pictures

We got to see Strawberry Fields named after John Lennon.

The Mall where a lot of the Statuary resides.

Beautiful flowers, twisted old trees, and lamp posts.

The main walking area of the Mall

Apo was smiling and happy to show us the sights.
Here we are at the Tavern on the Green.

Some of the ancient rock formations are seen beyond the sprawling trees.

Finally the last stop was the Model Boat Pond where
the famous nest is across the water.

As soon as we got there we looked over and there he
was on the nest. We knew from reading that the eggs
had failed and Lola had left the nest, but Pale Male
was still sitting almost not giving up hope. It's hard
not to 'humanize' these beautiful creatures.

In this picture it looks as if he is looking down
at the eggs still in the nest. .... watching...waiting..

It was getting late we had to get to Train Station so it
was time to go. We told Apo where we wanted to go and he
said not to worry he would take us.
We entered the Streets of NY at 72nd St. and Central
Park West at the Dakota Apartment Building.

The doorway where John Lennon was shot.

Off we went. The start of our 'Wild Ride' It was strange
humming along with our hair blowing in the wind....

Cars and Cabs streaming by.... snapping picture after picture.

What a view! Tall buildings,

40 Games 40 Nights... billboard

Streaming video on sides of the buildings...

Past the NYPD with Yahoo blinking in the background.

Sexy Target ads

An actual streaming video of a man and woman in a boat....
and more I can't show you!!

Our destination is 34th St. Penn Station... We had 38
blocks on the city streets to travel.

We were really having a ball!

We just kept pressing the shutter and Apo just kept peddling.

When we finally arrived we were a little sad to see the
trip come to an end. But what a perfect ending it was.
I had seen Pale Male and so much more!
We thanked and said our good-bye's to our new
Turkish Friend and were off to the train.

Good bye Pale Male, Good luck with your next nesting
adventure.... We love you!

And good bye APO... You made our trip fun and exciting..
Happy peddling through Central Park!
We hope to see you again!

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