Sunday, November 18, 2007

It was a Squirrely day the feeder

Friday while cleaning I kept a close watch on the feeder
hoping to see some birds, but the squirrels stole the

I put out some grapes, again, wanting to attract
birds... no such luck

He really seemed to be enjoying himself.

Reminds me of my kids when they were little....
one in the mouth and two in the hand...

then I looked out to 'double' trouble..

Which turned into 'triple'

This little guy was stealing seeds from the top
of a stump where I placed them for the birds.

at least the titmouse was having his fill of sunflower

Now doesn't it look like he is 'giving thanks'

Some Snowy Photos

At my house this morning it was snowing a little but
later in the afternoon when I went to my dad's at
a higher elevation the snow was sticking to everything
and quite beautiful.
One single fall leaf amidst the snowy branches
I saw a few deer really far away.

Just a short distance down the road at the pond
there was less snow, but what a beautiful setting
with snow on the branches, green of the grass and
a red 'fall' tree in the background.

snow covered leaves... combination of fall and winter.
And there was the piebald way up in the field with
a couple other deer.

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