Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Robins ~ Summer's Common Birds

Although the Robin has the reputation of
announcing Spring it is also the commonest
of birds in the summer. I must have taken
hundreds of pictures of them this year.

While visiting my daughter in June I saw
a Robin attend her young at Wildwood
Park. The nest built on top of a rain
spout at the Nature Center.

Sitting on my deck at home....
I 'caught' the common Robin and her mate doing
the wild thing! A first for me. It took 3 seconds so
I was lucky to have had the camera in hand
and turned on at half decent settings.

She was gathering nesting material while he is not far away.
(Seen in the background) when the 'event' happened

This process of building only took a few days until
the nest was ready for housekeeping to start.

The site was in my Forsythia bush ... see her eye
looking back at us?

In a matter of days the eggs had been laid and the
babies were hatched.

And before you could say 'Robin' this baby was so big you
could no longer see the nest or his siblings.

Meanwhile mom and dad gather food for their hungry
crew. Worms are a favorite.

Sometimes I would see one of them with a moth
in their mouth... ready for the delivery to the nest

Other times they would gather berries...

Early one morning as I came out
there was a baby on the ground...

He ran quickly into the grass making quite a lot of noise....

Mom was there in a flash scolding me and leading her
baby to safety.

Another Robin happening... I was at a jewelry party
hosted by a friend on her back deck when I saw a Robin
fly into an artificial geranium.

Of course I have my camera in the car....and run to get it
and see a baby eye peeking out at me.

You never know when the opportunity will arise for
a picture shoot... be prepared.
I made a thank you card using a picture of the Robin
in the flower
basket and sent it to the hostess.

And of all the things Robin's love to do.....taking
a bath is one of them! I found this poem on
the 'Children's bird day' Site. enjoy!

The Robin's Bath by Evaleen Stein

A flash and flicker of dripping wings,
A wet red breast that glows
Bright as the newly opened bud
The first red poppy shows,

A sparkle of flying rainbow drops,
A glint of golden sun
On ruffled feathers, a snatch of song,

And the robin's bath is done.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

Monday, August 10, 2009

Down the Road...

Never do I drive down the road and not look.....
Look to the side of the road..
Out in that open field
Up in the vast blue sky...
and sometimes..just sometimes.... it pays off.
Last week when I left my dad's I was blessed by this doe
and FOUR fawns.

They were following her as if all were hers, but
I doubt that to be true.

I would bet another doe is nearby and has entrusted her
precious cargo in the care of this watching mama

Another fawn was a little further away... his spots starting
to disappear

Hello! Could this be the missing doe?

As I watch I see yellow and orange fly into the top
of a tree...

The Orioles have located some berries

and are feasting on them.

So, this week I return to the same spot and am
looking for deer once again when I hear the
call of a hawk. So, I just pull over and wait.
I know he is close and finally he lands right
in front of me on a telephone pole.

He is looking down...maybe hoping to see a small animal
to catch for dinner

I love when I am close enough to see his eye.

Then he looks over at me ...

and continues to scream

As he is screaming I can hear another hawk answering

as he looks behind him I see the second hawk flying in

He looks towards the trees and then

flies over to join probably his sibling

Now they are both screaming...

Two immature Red tailed hawks screaming for dinner

This continues for

15 minutes...

as they hop from branch to branch and

watch behind and in front of them

I am thankful for these happenings in my life.
A touch of nature and all is right with the world.

Play the video to hear the hawk screaming.....

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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