Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Groundhog tries to wake up.......

This afternoon I was sitting in my dining room watching
the birds at the feeders when something caught my eye.
It was a groundhog coming down from the field and
going into a hole behind my Playhouse. He no more
went in and he came flying out with another bigger
groundhog right behind him. I had the camera
in hand but it happened so fast I missed it.
Just a minute passes and the bigger groundhog
returns and takes up a watch at the top of his hole.
Let's watch and see what he does next.

This is my hole and I am going to guard it from that

If I could just stay awake..
Why did that guy have to wake me up...

I'll turn this way maybe I'll see him coming this time.

It's really hard staying awake.

all right, I have my eyes open now. I'm watching

oops, asleep again!

(The next three pictures just amazed me)

He's so sleepy he starts to yawn..... HOOOO

even bigger HOOOOOO

Look at the size that open mouth.... Hoooooo hum

He just can't wake up.
no matter how hard he tries

I can almost hear him snoring with his nose turned up

then he nods off again

One last try to have a look around
trying real hard to keep those eyes open

He turned and disappeared down his hole not to be seen
again that afternoon. Maybe Spring is coming ..
But not today.

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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