Friday, May 2, 2008

A Song to be Sung!

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
Chinese Proverb

The House Wren has a song and both the male and female
sing during mating, nesting, hatching and feeding the young.
My yard is filled with song!!! When they leave it is soooo quiet.

The House Wren

In my back yard I have the Carolina Wren nesting in my
gas tank and in the front yard I have 3 pairs of House Wrens.
Talk about busy... I don't hear much from the ones in the
gas tank, but the ones in the front yard. Man! Songs abound.

The yard is filled with musical lyrics ...

They sing for their supper.
They sing because they are happy.

They sing because they have found a mate.

There's a song to be sung, and by darn they are going to sing it!
Happy Thou Are.

Happy Thou Be!

One family is the apple tree checking out the black box.

Another in the new freshly painted yellow outhouse in the walnut tree.

And the third one thinks he will take an old stand by...

Yep this one looks good to me.
I'm going to be quite busy getting pictures when all these
babies are hatched!
I hope all this singing made you has happy as it makes me!!!
To God be the Glory.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I got the "Blues"

Don't cry because it is over; Smile because it happened.
author unknown

When I looked out my window on Monday I was surprised to see
a bright blue bird. It was very close the house on the sidewalk
to the Playhouse so I could not get a good shot.

Then I moved to another window and got my step stool and
climbed up to shoot down at it.

The tell-tale brown on the wings and brilliant blue were a dead
give-away that it was an Indigo Bunting.

I wish the lighting would have been better, but all you birders
know we have no choice in that one!

I was so excited I could hardly press the shutter.

It was eating seeds from under the feeder by the window.

In this shot you can see it's bi-colored beak. (dark above and light below)
Another sign this is an Indigo Bunting.

I felt blessed as I have only seen them here once in 30 years!

And Talk about blessings, later that evening I went to visit
a friend and I was able to capture another 'blue' out her window.

I love these cute little guys too, but have never gotten
them in my yard, only passing through.

I sure 'got the Blues' on this wonderful day.
Life is Beautiful.... in shades of blue - To God be the Glory!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Rest of the Story - "Best Day of my Life"

Best Day of My Life Series..

The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise.
It is not that we seize them but that they seize us.
Ashley Montagu

When I got up on this day (last Friday)I did not know it was going
to be the Best Day, but as it unfolded I was blessed no
matter where I went.
I love to photograph beauty and everywhere I was seeing
something that just needed the shutter to be pressed and
I pressed it. Maybe a little too much! You be the judge.
The first best thing I saw was my little Titmouse in a tree
above my porch.

And Jerry the cat out by the pink tulips.

On that day God gave me a Robin Redbreast preening in a tree.

As I got into my car and drove down my lane I was struck by
the beauty of the flowering trees, so I paused to snap a few

The pink ones were just beginning to bloom.

As I pass the Veterans Home where you see the hawks
perched on phone poles from time to time, I just had
to capture the grounds. They are beautiful in the Spring,
all green and trees starting to leaf up.

A Red bud tree starting to color.

Also on the ground there is a butterfly house and a pond.
I always hope to see a heron here for the fish, but have
never caught one.

The fish are all looking for a handout.

Mr. Mallard was hiding in the taller grasses by the edge of the pond.

He made lots of ripples when he puddled away from me.

No kidding you can see as many as 15 groundhogs in these
fields in the summer. I interrupted two together doing what I
don't know. It's Spring, let me guess! ha

Wow! Now there is a Killdeer right within two feet of the
car. I get him looking right at me. It's early
morning and you can see the water beads on the
grass from the dew the night before.

Ah Ha and here is Mr. Robin perched upon a fence.
Pictures like this just make me happy.

He jumped down into the grass to 'listen' for a worm for breakfast no doubt.

Another Groundhog hurries through the field as I drive by.

In the middle of this BEST DAY is when I saw the Kestrels
at work and the Hawk at dinner. An earlier post.
Then I continued after dinner to take another little drive.
God had blessed me all day and I
just knew it was going to continue.

I went to a local park and on the way just had to snap
this beautiful pink tree.

I saw a bluebird, which always makes me happy cause
I can't get them in my backyard.

Even the silhouette of this Grackle seemed to make me all

It was time to go home as the light was going and I had already
had a really big day....But one more stop was all I needed to make.
My friend showed me a spot where the deer usually hang
out so I headed there on the way home.

Yep! There they were just waiting on my shutter release.

When I finally arrived home I wanted to see if Mrs. Wren was
still sitting, so I poked the camera in the hole in the tank
with dark all around and flashed. isn't that a
perfect ending to the Best Day of my Life! ?
Some days you go out and find nothing and then there
are the days that everything demands you to stop and
capture it!

Happiness seems made to be shared...I shared!

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