Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm seeing a lot of deer

As it gets cooler and the days get shorter the deer seem to
make an appearance in the fields. The only trouble
is by the time I get out to see them light is low.
I sure wish it had been lighter when I saw this
pair of Bucks with their nice racks.

With heads held high they watched me for quite
a while. I got a lot of pictures but all dark.

On another evening also right before dark I was lucky
again and saw a bunch of does doing their thing. She
had just come up from drinking and water is
dripping from her mouth

There were three all prancing around the water pond

I'm not sure what is up in this willow tree...but something
is making the deer jump up and try to get it

Usually you see this behavior when there is an apple tree
not a willow

It must have been the night for deer to jump up and
retrieve food from trees, cause I saw a lot of action

There were does and fawns here running and playing
and eating.

Sorry about the 'dark' of it. Nothing I could do about that.

To God Be The Glory ~~ Great Things he Hath Done


The Birdlady said...

Good grief! Never have I seen a deer jumping up like that - you got a lot of nice pix, despite the light (or lack of).

Bird Girl said...

A couple of very handsome bucks, there! Those doe are a riot trying to get 'whatever' - cute!

Marsha said...

I love the "jump" shots...that's not something one sees everyday! How lucky you are to see all of these beautiful animals. With so many are deer/car colisions a huge hazard there?

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

What a great opportunity to watch deer like this in the wild.The pictures are a bonus,thanks for sharing them.

Shellmo said...

What a neat shot of the deer jumping up - I wonder what interested him in that willow tree?!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing! Sorry to be so serious but I CANNOT look at pics like this and not say: "who in the world could see this same view and get their gun and kill them???"

jalynn01 said...

Thanks everyone... I goggled 'deer eating willow trees' and found two videos of them doing just that. So I guess this wasn't that rare. I just never saw it before.
Thanks for the comments!

jalynn01 said...

Marsha: Where we live is rural and people know where the deer usually are so there aren't alot of deer fatalities. Although last week I saw a fawn on the side of the road. Always makes you sad!

Adventure girl:
We live in a 'hunting' state and all my brothers and dad and even my mother hunted deer so I didn't even think about it. Now when I'm shooting with the camera I know I could never shoot one, but I do eat the meat.

Anonymous said...

You do have more deer than anybody I know of and your photos are really nice of them. They seem to trust you while you take the pictures. It is a blessing.

jalynn01 said...

Thanks Abe! This time of year when birds are scarce I know the hot spots for deer and it gives me something to photograph.I do love to see them in the fields!September is the 'rut' for Whitetail deer in PA and the bucks throw caution to the wind in search of a doe! You can get some great pictures then. I rarely see a buck in the summer but now... look out they will be out in numbers.

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