Monday, May 31, 2010


On the way to see this thing my friend told me was 'majestic'
I saw a small deer in the road...

As I came closer I can see it's a young buck with some
horns sprouting up

A little further up the road I see a doe...

She probably had a fawn hidden somewhere as cautious
as she was acting...but I didn't see it

Now, 'majestic' will mean different things to everyone and
when I came upon the natural gas well that was being
burned off... I said ok.... maybe when it gets darker..
I did notice you could smell the gas burning and hear
the roar of the fire.

I continued a short distance and encountered this sign

Turning down the road I saw what the sign thinks is

An Elk farm with elk grazing in the field.

I looked around and was not seeing 'majestic' through
my lens..yet


I spotted this Bull Elk closer to the fence and holding
his 'majestic' rack high

His rack is in velvet and beautiful...

Turning his head and flaring his nostrils I can tell he has
gotten wind of me along the fence

Coming back to the gas well.... I see it's getting darker and
the moon has shown it's face in the right side of the sky

My friend had told me it looked like a giant torch like the
Statue of Liberty would hold... well, maybe but....
the Bull Elk was the picture of majesty for me

And this country church with the turbines in the background
on the mountain was majesty

There was beauty in the sky and majesty in what the
Lord had made

As the moon was rising in the sky I was headed home
having had a lesson in what is "Majestic" .

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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