Saturday, October 17, 2009

Setting Records

The National Weather Service says between five and
six inches fell in State College, which set a record for
earliest snowfall on record. The previous earliest snow
there was one-tenth of an inch on Oct. 18, 1901.

State College, the home of Penn State Football is
about 40 minutes from me.
I awoke to light snow .... and seeing the fall
colors of the foliage through it was strange.

By mid morning it was starting to lay on the
leaves and the grass

When I got home from work I stopped to snap
the poor little trumpet flowers

Some were filled with snow and the leaves
were sporting a nice white blanket of the white
Arriving in front of the house, I saw my
Halloween flag....
Trick or Treat? Seemed like a Trick to me!

They are calling for some more snow today
but by next week we are back to a normal
autumn with temps in the 50's - 60's.

To God be the Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

High School Reunion

Bedford High Alma Mater.... looks pretty much
the same as it did when I graduated in 1964. Today it houses
9th through 12th grade, when I attended it was 7th through 12.

I can remember how scared I was to leave elementary
school and come to Jr. High. No recesses, change of classes
with a different teacher for each , and lots and lots of
new and strange faces. And the one thing I will never
forget is the lockers. I had nightmares about forgetting
my combination and being locked out. How silly that all
sounds now that I am graduated and it is 45 years later.
Our Reunion was held at a very famous resort....
The Bedford Springs.

For many years it was closed and I feared it would meet
it's demise, but fortunately it was bought restored and
opened again in 2007.

Just in time for our 45h High School Reunion

I got there early so I could get some pictures of the
grounds and the beautiful restored historic golf course.

The course overlooks the breathtaking views of the
Allegheny Mountains and the Cumberland Valley.
You can walk to see the views

Or you can hitch a ride on a wagon drawn by
two white steads

The grounds are immaculate... with flowers overflowing
on the brick sidewalks

Like to Rock? You will find a chair just for you
among the many that line the long porches

Pumpkins and hay bales compliment the fall setting

An outdoor grill where food is prepared for those
who wait in their hickory rockers

at rustic wooden tables.

If you love the country....this is the place for you to visit

The Bedford Springs was noted for it's 'springs'

and as the sign states: visited by notables
I was excited to be back in Bedford and at the Springs...
The inside is just as beautiful. I'm greeted by a roaring fire
and inviting chairs.

I had not been to a reunion in 20 years so I did not
know if I would recognize my classmates. Thank God
we had name tags... I made use of that 'crutch' almost
every time I talked to someone We had a lot of catching
up to do....

Taking pictures of someone taking a picture of someone else

My friend Ivan, was having a good time... and
later we discussed a project for the next reunion.

We thought it would be fun to get pictures of everyone
'now' and compare them to 'then' sort of like I did
below with our senior pictures. Me and Ivan...

well Gee! Ivan looks a lot
happier now than he did
back in senior high...
A little less hair, but
still charming.

And, there I am..
will have to form
your own opinion

The Class of 1964.... who showed up for the 45th Class Reunion.... group portrait

If anyone wants to see all the photographs
.... please go here

To God be The Glory ~~ Great Things He Hath Done

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